Saturday, 2019-02-09

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xobsmithro: I took a stab at refactoring some of the tests yesterday. I got all the "rx" tests to pass, but I had to move from toggling "CE" to adding a "i_valid" signal, because otherwise the "o_put" signal would get stuck.01:19
mithroGot the diff somewhere?01:21
xobs (and (and to a lesser extent
tpbTitle: usbcore: rx: shifter: BREAKING CHANGE: add `i_valid` signal · xobs/[email protected] · GitHub (at
mithroxobs: you probably don't want to do that if I understand correctly01:24
xobsmithro: why not?01:25
mithroIt will take about 3 to 4 times the logic unless the optimiser is clever01:25
xobsHmm... but the trick of just stopping the clock doesn't work, because e.g. the "data ready" line won't go high if the last bit is stuffed.01:27
xobsLikewise, if the second-to-last bit is stuffed, then the "o_put" line will go high for an extra cycle, due to the synchronizer being stalled01:28
mithroThe bitstuffer effectively causes the shifter to never "see" the stuffed bits01:29
mithroIt should be stalling the *whole* pipeline after it01:29
xobsSo the tests are wrong?01:30
mithroI wouldn't trust the tests any more than I would trust the code :-P01:32
mithroLuke's code originally used your i_valid approach01:32
mithroWhich is possible why it seemed like it was the right solution?01:32
mithroThe flipflops have 3 input signals, D, SR, CE01:33
mithroSo, doing things like stalling or resetting a pipeline tend to be pretty logic efficient01:37
mithroThe optimisers tend to be pretty good at trying to make stuff into those - so maybe it doesn't matter...01:39
mithroThe i_valid signal (rather than using CE) is a pretty ASIC method of doing things01:40
mithroWhich makes sense given that the CE stuff can be a lot harder to get right01:42
mithroSpecially around resets...01:44
mithroxobs: makes sense?01:44
xobsThat makes sense.  I think the edge cases the tests were finding were related to that 0x1c bug we saw.01:46
mithroI can't remember the exact symptoms01:50
xobsBasically, I think the sentinal approach is incompatible with the CE approach.  I suspect we might have a similar problem in the tx path.01:57
mithroxobs: sentinel?03:51
xobsmithro: where the "o_put" signal is tied to a 1 that marches down a counter03:52
mithroxobs: definitely works, I had it working before03:54
mithroYou just need to be careful about when you are checking for the put03:55
mithroYou need it one cycle before you think you need it03:55
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mithroxobs: the old Migen simulator is a bit weirr04:05
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asymmetrichi! i'm trying to use tomu as a u2f key on github but it's not working17:57
asymmetrici built the firmware and used dfu-util17:57
asymmetricalthough the instructions for dfu-util on differ from the ones on gl-sergei/u2f-token17:58
asymmetricthe -d 1209:70b1 is missing17:58
asymmetrici also added the udev rules17:59
asymmetricany idea how to debug what's not working?17:59
asymmetrici tried github on both chromium and firefox17:59
asymmetric(i'm on a nixos linux machine)17:59
asymmetricalso the idVendor in the udev rule is different18:09
asymmetricand it seems the one on the github project is correct for my key18:09
asymmetricis this normal?18:09
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tpbTitle: Different udev rules · Issue #21 · gl-sergei/u2f-token · GitHub (at
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