Thursday, 2019-01-31

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mithroSeems like it was an issue caused by the bot not registering with the services correctly...04:41
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cangarooHello does anyone know if the product has started shipping?08:38
xobscangaroo: Tomu has been shipping for a while, but they're having some international shipping hiccups right now. Fomu is still under development.08:39
xobs(And the campaign is still going!)08:39
cangarooThank you xobs. I made an order of 2 x Tomu two weeks ago and it still hasn't been shipped yet. And no response from crowdlysuplly08:41
cangarooI guess i will be patient and keep waiting08:42
coderobecangaroo: mine took around a month iirc09:18
cangarooOh boy thanks coderobe09:19
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pollothe blinking Fomu at Debconf video sprint:
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mithropollo: Cool!23:09

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