Wednesday, 2018-10-17

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lkurusai have a tomu from LCA2018 with DFU flashed08:31
lkurusai've tried to get the U2F token working, but for some reason whenever I do `u2f-host -aregister` on my machine I don't see any blinking LED on the tomu08:32
lkurusanor does touching either buttons do anything08:32
lkurusalsusb reports Tomu as "Bus 003 Device 024: ID 0483:cdab STMicroelectronics"08:32
lkurusaany pointers would be appreciated :)08:33
xobsHi lkurusa (IRC) .  The bootloader you flashed at LCA2018 didn't automatically enter Toboot.  I got enough confused feedback that I changed that behavior.08:33
xobsYou should probably update to v2.0-rc7 (install toboot-boosted.dfu from
tpbTitle: tomu-bootloader/prebuilt at master · im-tomu/tomu-bootloader · GitHub (at
xobsTo actually enter toboot, which will allow you to upload new software, you'll need to force entry into it by shorting out the two outside contacts.  See
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/tomu-bootloader: Bootloader for the EFM32HG Tomu Board (at
lkurusaoh fun08:35
lkurusado i just dfu flash that .dfu file?08:35
xobsYep.  When you look at available devices (`dfu-util -l`) after flashing that file, it should list "toboot v2.0-rc7" in the available devices.08:36
lkurusaThanks, let me try that.08:37
lkurusahow do i enter DFU mode again? ><08:38
xobsShort out those pins:
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/tomu-bootloader: Bootloader for the EFM32HG Tomu Board (at
lkurusathat's way harder than it looks08:46
lkurusayay flashed the bootloader08:51
lkurusaso now i've updated the bootloader, i restart the tomu and then i just flash the u2f firmware?08:51
xobsNote that the u2f firmware, by default, auto-boots.08:51
xobsSo if you want to upgrade it in the future, you'll need to do the shorting-the-pins trick again.08:52
lkurusathat's fine with me08:52
lkurusai'll try flashing the u2f.bin now08:52
lkurusaok this is broken now08:57
lkurusathe same result, so i shorted out the two pins again, it's flashing green/red but doesn't show up in dfu-util08:57
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