Saturday, 2018-10-13

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jerithHello everyone!16:19
jerithCarlFK was kind enough to give me a tomu today, and I've been playing with the quickstart demo apps.16:23
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jerithusb-cdcacm seems to be kind of working, except it prints "test-in-progress" instead of "toggling LED" and changing the code in the loop doesn't seem to make any difference.16:25
jerithSimilarly, cbmbasic displays a BASIC startup screen when I connect, but if I type anything I see the first character echoed and then nothing else seems to happen.16:27
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jerithAh, I see a submodule for the libopencm3 sources.18:31
jerithminiblink works okay. I guess I should have started there. :-)18:44
jerithOh, I see. I need to uncomment the toboot config lines.19:39
jerithThat fixes usb-cdcacm, at least.19:39
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