Saturday, 2018-09-08

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m2049rznoteer: what OS are you on?09:20
m2049rDoes tomu flash when you are asked to touch?09:21
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znoteerm2049r: I'm on Linux (Debian stable, kernel 4.9.0).  I've sort of got if working.  tomu is very particular about how it gets touched.  It wiggles in the USB port so I have to be careful not to make it reboot.  As I write this, I am unable to make the LED turn on by touching the tomu.  But, I do occasionally get it to work. (yes, it flashes when I'm asked to touch)16:20
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m2049rSo you have your udev rules sorted out.  I would suggest you work on the stability. I have 3d-printed the case. But had a piece of plastic hot-glued & cut to size on the cpu side before that and it worked quite well - maybe better than the 3d- print.18:49
znoteerthe cut-to-size and hot-glued pi├Ęce of plactic was added add to the 3d print that comes with tomu, or glued directly to the circuit board/cpu?18:52
znoteers/added add/glued directly18:53
m2049rGlued directly to the board. (No 3d case) also maybe try a different usb port or hub. It seems different usb ports have slightly different dimensions.18:59
znoteerI've tried 3 ports in my laptop.  I'm having troube finding exactly the right way to tickle this thing today.  I've managed to make it boot chopstx sveral times without removing it from the port, and once got it into whatever the mode is where you can flash to it (flashing red and green)19:03
znoteerI'll try my hub but that will be much less convenient when it comes time to use it19:03
znoteerhow thick was the plastic you hot glued to the cpu?19:04
znoteerm2049r: ^^19:05
znoteerno, it's as loose and sloppy in my hubs19:07
znoteer(as it is in my laptop ports)19:07
m2049rIt's like 0.8mm19:16
m2049rBut you could try different strengths is cardboard19:17

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