Friday, 2018-08-31

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znoteerHi, I'm trying to turn my tomu into a u2f device.  I've compiled the code, injected my cert and flashed the device with the binary twice now, but I can't get to to recognize a button press when I am asked to touch the button.  Can anyone think of why tome might not be recognizing my touch?  I've tried with both Firefox and with Chromium03:25
znoteerwhy *tomu* might not03:26
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znoteerI'm having trouble with my tomu and u2f.  It doesn't recognize when the buttons are being pressed.  I thought I would try to compile something else to see if I could get it to work. When one clones chopstx from im-tomu, it comes with some exemples.  One, example-tomu seems promising, except that I'm not entirely sure what it does.  I am right that it let's me commuincate of a serial link with my tomu?23:36
znoteercommunicate *over* à serial link23:37

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