Thursday, 2018-08-30

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auscompgeekFirefox supports U2F out of the box these days01:03
auscompgeekwait, no, that's a lie, it supports WebAuthn out of the box01:03
auscompgeekbut u2f support is behind an about:config pref security.webauth.u2f if you really need it01:04
auscompgeekoh wait, old Firefox 52. hm.01:04
znoteerauscompgeek: fwiw, I already changed security.webauth.u2f to true, as well as security.webauth.u2f_enable_usbtoken.  That didn't help any.  There was also security.webauth.u2f_enable_softtoken, but that didn't sound relavant to me so I left it at false02:38
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