Wednesday, 2018-08-29

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znoteerhi, I'm trying to compile chopstx/u2f for my newly acquired tomu.  I've installed everything the docs say to install, but when I run "make ENFORCE_DEBUG_LOCK=1" I get the error "ImportError: No module named asn1crypto.keys\nMakefile:42 : la recette pour la cible "cert/certificates.c" a échouée\nmake: *** [cert/certificates.c] Erreur 1".  I'm on debian stable.  I've tried 3 different ways of installing12:53
znoteerasn1crypto and all have given the same error.  Running make with root priviledges also gives this error.  Any suggestions?12:53
znoteersorry, the part in French is roughly "Makefile: 42 : the recipe for the target "cert/certificates.c" failed"12:54
znoteeralso, I'm not sure this is the best place to ask this question.  If not, my apologies.  In that case, suggestions as to where to ask the question would be welcome. Thanks12:58
auscompgeekznoteer: cert/ runs cert/ using your default python interpreter, so you'll need asn1crypto installed for whichever interpreter the `python` command is13:23
auscompgeekif you have it installed for a different python interpreter, you could run `python > certificates.c` in cert/ yourself13:25
znoteerauscompgeek: sorry for the naive question, but how would I know which interpreter I'm using?  There's at least 2, maybe 3 versions of python on Debian, I think.  I used pip3 to install asn1crypto, but maybe I should just have used pip?13:31
znoteerI didn't have pip on my box until I installed it, so maybe I installed the wrong version13:33
xobsIf you installed it using pip3, then you need to run it using python3.13:37
xobsIt looks like calls python3, but u2f/cert/ simply calls python.13:38
znoteerxobs: thanks.  I'll try installing asn1crypto with pip, then13:44
znoteerauscompgeek, xobs: I uninstalled asn1crypto that I'd installed with pip3 and reinstalled it with pip, and everything compiles.  Thanks.14:01
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znoteerI ran "make ENFORCE_DEBUG_LOCK=1", but I don't see a *.o or *.bin.  What does a binary look like when one compiles C code?14:53
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xobsI believe it makes u2f.bin...15:14
znoteerxobs: that is what I was expecting based on the docs, but that is not what has happened.  Any thoughts about what I should be looking for?15:16
xobslook in build/15:20
znoteerthat's it, thanks.  So knows to look in build, or do I have to tell it to look there?15:21
xobsLooking at, it defaults to build/u2f.elf, which it patches, and copies the resulting binary to build/u2f.bin.  So yes, it defaults to looking at that file.15:24
znoteerxobs: I have both a u2f.bin and a u2f.elf.  I don't particularly understand python, but looking at that script myself, it seems it patches the elf, then creates the bin from the elf.  Is that correct?15:36
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znoteerxobs: sorry, I had to run and was away for some time.  Thanks for the confirmation19:56
znoteerso, I've compiled chopstx/u2f, generated and injected my key into the binary, flashed the binary to my tomu, added the Firefox add-on for u2f, added the udev rule and rebooted.  When I try to register my flashed tomu at, the tomu starts to flash, but then there is no reaction to me touching the top edge and the registation times out after a few seconds.  Does anyone see anything I've missed?20:00
znoteerFF 52.9.0.  I've also tried with Chromium version 68.0.3440.75 with the same result20:02
znoteerthe host system is Debian stable20:03
znoteerI just found logs for the Firefox/u2f add-on. "device waits for button press" then "EBD e0010{"errorCode":520:23
znoteerthen "exit 1 null"20:24

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