Monday, 2018-08-27

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tpbTitle: Tomu WebUSB LED (at
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FunkyBobanyone had the case where their tomu seems to dfu update just fine... but persists in reporting as the CDC Demo app, [am trying to load the USB HID quickstart]07:07
xobsHi Funk.  Did you update the bootloader version?07:08
FunkyBobjust got given the tomu y/day... will see if I can dig it out07:08
FunkyBob[ 4116.887867] usb 1-1: Product: Tomu Bootloader v2.0-rc407:08
xobsThat's the problem.  The version that shipped (v2.0-rc4) only supports Toboot-V2 programs.  Install a newer version by loading toboot-boosted.dfu from
tpbTitle: tomu-bootloader/prebuilt at master · im-tomu/tomu-bootloader · GitHub (at
FunkyBobok, thanks07:10
FunkyBobso I just run: dfu-util -D toboot-boosted.dfu07:12
xobsCorrect, and the next "dfu-util -l" should show a newer version afterwards.07:12
FunkyBobFound DFU: [1209:70b1] ver=0101, devnum=20, cfg=1, intf=0, path="1-1", alt=0, name="Tomu Bootloader (1) v2.0-rc6-1-g732b95b", serial="UNKNOWN"07:13
FunkyBoband it works... awesome :)07:13
auscompgeekwait, so why exactly does it say the CDC demo is loaded then?07:14
FunkyBobhaven't had this much fun with USB since I built a device for a company in the mid naugties.... bit-banged UART -> USB HID Keyboard07:15
xobsThe "CDC demo" is actually, which is a Toboot-V2 app loaded at offset 0x2000.07:21
xobsThe bootloader that got loaded checks for Toboot-V2 programs first, and then looks at offset 0x4000 if none are found.  Since the test app is at 0x2000, and loading a new non-V2 app puts it at 0x4000, the factory test program is never deleted.07:21
xobsAll of my testing was done with Toboot-V2 programs, so I never hit the issue.07:22
xobsWhat's production hardware without at least one subtle firmware bug?07:22
FunkyBobok... next step... start playing with input :)07:22
auscompgeeksay, if toboot is running and I wanted to run the currently flashed program without reflashing it, is that possible?07:41
xobsauscompgeek: Not currently.  I believe DFU supports that as a parameter, but I couldn't figure out how to do that.07:43
xobsIf you manage to crash toboot, it should actually start the currently-loaded program.07:43
xobs...since the Toboot logic is "if (cold_boot || always_run_program) run_program()"07:44
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