Friday, 2018-08-24

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Tasqaquick question, are there any plans for supporting fido2?14:03
MadHackerDon't know, but the specification's at if you were inclined to write your own code for it.14:08
tpbTitle: Client To Authenticator Protocol (at
TasqaI was just wondering, already saw work on U2F14:09
MadHackerAye. The U2F code seems to work pretty well.14:09
Tasqathe other key on HN today is specifically targeting FIDO214:10
TasqaI wouldn't trust anyone with same basic scripts that I wrote 😂14:10
MadHackerI spotted that.14:10
MadHackerThing is, tomu isn't a key, it's just a widget that can be made to be one.14:10
Tasqareally not my cup of tea14:10
MadHackerIt's not a designed-for-the-job device.14:11
MadHacker(not that it's inadequate, just that it's not the #1 goal)14:11
TasqaBut it's great there are multiple more open options being developed now :)14:11
TasqaI see14:11
MadHackerNot discouraging you from using it as one, BTW, just pointing out that development for FIDO2 is something that someone's going to have to build, not part of the stock firmware. :)14:13
Tasqaanyhow, I'll keep an eye on the project14:13
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