Tuesday, 2018-08-21

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xobsIf anyone feels like debugging Ubuntu 18.04, it looks like their ARM implementation of memcpy() is completely broken.09:55
xobsSee https://github.com/im-tomu/tomu-quickstart/issues/13#issuecomment-414617868 for evidence.  The good news is you don't need a debugger to verify the problem.09:56
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tpbTitle: Nothing builds with Ubuntu 18.04 · Issue #13 · im-tomu/tomu-quickstart · GitHub (at github.com)09:56
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im-tomu[sameroom-bot] **[@xobs:matrix.org, irc.freenode.net]** If anyone feels like debugging Ubuntu 18.04, it looks like their ARM implementation of memcpy() is completely broken.09:57
MadHackerThat seems a little too fundamental somehow. Isn't there an ARM build of ubuntu? Presumably that'll fall over too.10:11
xobsOh, no, I see what's going on.  It's linking the ARMv7 version of the library.  Which happens to disassemble into almost-reasonable-looking Thumb2 code.10:13
MadHackerThat feels more like a sane-ish screwup; I presume the CPU on the tomu is a thumb-only job, yeah?10:15
xobsYeah, all Cortex M0 parts are Thumb2 only.10:15
xobsI believe this is the bug.  Seems like Ubuntu 18.04 can't generate code for M0 parts: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-arm-none-eabi/+bug/176722310:16
tpbTitle: Bug #1767223 “multilib selects wrong start files” : Bugs : gcc-arm-none-eabi package : Ubuntu (at bugs.launchpad.net)10:16
MadHackerhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-arm-none-eabi/+bug/1767223/comments/10 I see there's an actual fix there.10:18
tpbTitle: Comment #10 : Bug #1767223 : Bugs : gcc-arm-none-eabi package : Ubuntu (at bugs.launchpad.net)10:18
MadHackerhttps://github.com/bbcmicrobit/micropython/issues/514#issuecomment-404759614 or rather, the direct link.10:18
tpbTitle: fails to link with arm-none-eabi/lib/crt0.o: Conflicting CPU architectures 12/1 · Issue #514 · bbcmicrobit/micropython · GitHub (at github.com)10:18
xobsIt's funny how it links without errors.10:21
MadHackerYou'd think it would know it's linking an incompatible binary.10:21
xobsThank you for the links, MadHacker10:21
MadHackerPerhaps it's because ARM and Thumb2 are considered compatible, because the fat CPUs can run both.10:21
xobsTrue, although others are reporting errors.  Maybe that isn't reported when linking against a .a file.10:28
xobsOh well, I can confirm the workaround fixes things.10:28
MadHackerGood stuff. At least it's not too much of a chore.10:28
MadHackerLittle annoying to have to do it tho.10:29
MadHackerWorth bundling the right .a's in the quickstart and ignoring the system ones?10:29
xobsThe workaround seems usable, and it looks like it should get fixed eventually.  18.04 broke a lot of stuff, it seems.10:29
xobsThat is a tempting proposition.  Makes it an even quicker start.10:30
xobsIt was a pain to find the cause, though.  When it hits that function the link register is clobbered, so you don't know how you got there.  I guess this is the sort of thing ETM is good for figuring out.10:31
MadHackerI recall you had some nice web-based infrastructure for building for the chibichip. Same for the tomu?10:31
xobsNothing for Tomu.  The web stuff was useful because the Chibi Chip is programmed via audio.  Tomu would really only be useful on Chrome, since it is programmed via DFU.10:32
MadHacker"Only useful on chrome" covers a lot of people, though.10:32
xobsHaving said that, if you want to upload code to Tomu via Chrome, you can do that at http://dfu.tomu.im/10:32
tpbTitle: WebUSB DFU (at dfu.tomu.im)10:32
xobsOr https://dfu.tomu.im/ I suppose.  TLS is important.10:32
tpbTitle: WebUSB DFU (at dfu.tomu.im)10:32
MadHackerMm, I saw that when I did the first firmware update. It's somewhat what brought the thought to mind.10:33
MadHackerAdding the compiler on to that would give you a fairly close to chibichip experience on chrome.10:33
MadHackerI'm busy trying to think of generic ways for a browser to talk to it now. I guess we could make it emulate a USB sound-card and use the chibichip code :D10:34
MadHacker(not literally, probably; that'd be inefficient when we have a cleaner stream like that)10:35
xobsThat's a clever idea.  If anyone wants to tackle that, you can start with the quickstart repo at https://github.com/im-tomu/tomu-quickstart/tree/master/usb-audiostream10:36
tpbTitle: tomu-quickstart/usb-audiostream at master · im-tomu/tomu-quickstart · GitHub (at github.com)10:36
xobsGame controllers were another idea I had.  Once vibration support is finalized.10:37
xobsWeirdly, Firefox and Edge support haptics but not Chrome.10:39
MadHackerhttps://github.com/chibitronics/ltc-npm-modulate for the encode, I see, but where's the decode stuff?10:41
tpbTitle: GitHub - chibitronics/ltc-npm-modulate: Node package for modulating audio signals for LtC (at github.com)10:41
MadHackerI assumed in https://github.com/chibitronics/ltc-os but I don't see it.10:41
tpbTitle: GitHub - chibitronics/ltc-os: ChibiOS-based operating system for the Love-to-Code project (at github.com)10:41
MadHackerGame controller vibration support is a good idea, yep - that'd be a sensible way to talk to it, plus it's not a bad initial mode for the thing to boot in anyway, as a generic HID.10:42
xobsIt's spread across https://github.com/chibitronics/ltc-os/blob/master/orchard/esplanade_analog.c https://github.com/chibitronics/ltc-os/blob/master/orchard/esplanade_mac.c and https://github.com/chibitronics/ltc-os/blob/master/orchard/esplanade_demod.c10:42
tpbTitle: ltc-os/esplanade_analog.c at master · chibitronics/ltc-os · GitHub (at github.com)10:42
MadHackerObviously using it as-is is fairly nonsensical, but it's still maybe useful as I doubt the OS will reliably give you the same bit values out as you put in, given OS-level audio mixing etc.10:43
MadHackerSo a certain degree of actual modem-y behaviour is probably still required.10:43
xobsIt got cleaned up a lot when I tried to make an updater.  https://github.com/xobs/ltc-fw-updater/tree/master/src10:43
tpbTitle: ltc-fw-updater/src at master · xobs/ltc-fw-updater · GitHub (at github.com)10:43
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