Friday, 2018-08-17

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MadHackerMy crowd supply tomu order finally arrived! :)08:01
xobsMorning, MadHacker. Hooray!08:07
MadHackerAnd got one up and running OK.08:08
xobsJust one?08:09
MadHackerSo far. :D08:09
MadHackerGot 5 here.08:09
xobsOh right. 5 pack.08:09
MadHackerI would have bought more, but I'd already ordered the bits for more.08:09
MadHackerBut the parts still(!!!) haven't arrived.08:09
MadHackerCPUs in particular.08:09
xobsThat's crazy.08:10
MadHackerTell me about it.08:10
MadHackerGot a shipping update from Farnell. October, I think.08:10
xobsI know we had similar estimates for a Kinetis part, so we redesigned the board to allow for the 32-pin package in addition to the 24-pin one. 45 weeks is a bit much for lead time.08:12
MadHackerNot half.08:12
MadHackerHm, I see what people were on about with the cap touch, not the most consistent/reliable.08:13
MadHackerI'll have a look when I get a moment and see if I can get that to work a little better. It's something that *should* work pretty well.08:13
MadHackerIt's my birthday today, so not too much time for playing, but I'll get to it at the weekend hopefully. :)08:13
huenehappy birthday then08:14
MadHackerNice birthday present timing on the tomu delivery. :)08:14
MadHackerThanks, huene.08:14
hueneyou're welcoem08:15
hueneI need to get my tomus up and running with 2FA, that's what I intend to use them for08:15
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xobsHappy birthday!08:20
MadHackerCheers. :)08:20
hueneI don't know yet, I have to learn about it.08:21
hueneBasically I just ordered a bunch of tomus because I read you can do 2FA with them, and I thought that's a great idea08:21
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MadHackerSeems reasonable. Plenty of ways to get it to do that. The CPU isn't particularly high security, as I understand it, but for normal 2FA purposes that's really not required unless you tend to leave your tokens lying around evil maids.08:26
MadHackerHasn't anyone gotten a 2FA firmware written already?08:26
huenenah, I'm planning on leaving them at home - maybe take one with me08:26
MadHackerOK. From when you posted that link to now, I managed to get the linux toolchain for tomu installed, the repo for the u2f firmware checked out and built, and the code pushed into this tomu.08:36
MadHackerThat's a pretty quick quickstart. :)08:36
MadHacker(and it works fine, tested)08:37
MadHackerhuene: If U2F as a 2FA protocol works for you, then the firmware xobs linked seems to do the job just fine. Just running the yubikey U2F stuff on it, and the counter's behaving itself OK etc.08:41
MadHackeryubikey u2f tester stuff that is.08:41
hueneyeah, U2F is, what I'm planning to test08:42
MadHackerI'd offer to build it for you, but it embeds the keys at compile time, so you kind of need to build it yourself on a machine you trust really.08:42
xobsIsn't there a python script to patch in new keys?08:43
MadHackerIt's a python script that generates the keys in the first place.08:43
MadHackerOh wait, yep, inject_key.py08:43
xobsThe keys are at a well defined offset, and are erased when you load a new program. So it's important to be able to load a new key.08:43
hueneMadHacker: thanks for the offer, though :)08:44
MadHackerThe keys are in the .bin though, so when you load a new program and want to go back to u2f, reloading your original firmware is enough. It's only the counter you'll need to keep track of.08:44
MadHacker(and TBH as long as you know it's "less than X" it's fine, you can keep rolling it forwards)08:45
xobsThat is true.08:45
hueneI'll just increase it by 1 bazillion every time ;)08:45
MadHackerMaaaaybe overkill. A thousand might do it. :)08:46
MadHackerI wonder what the wear-out cycle specs for a bare PCB edge and pad are. :)08:46
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