Friday, 2018-08-10

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mithrojoehut: Nope!00:08
mithrojoehut: But it does look like renode has been adding support for the EFM32HG parts ->
tpbTitle: renode/efm32hg350.repl at 37efe0322bb72ea492ee789f22b88dcea6a35608 · renode/renode · GitHub (at
tpbTitle: Create an emulation model for the board · Issue #24 · renode/renode · GitHub (at
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joehutmithro: ok, I ordered a couple boards. If I find the time I will try to make Zephyr run on it on some weekend09:15
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mithrojoehut: Were in the world are you?17:51
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pollohey, I was wondering how available the tomu would keep being on CrowdSupply18:56
pollocan I expect to be able to buy new boards in 2 years?18:56
mithropollo: Question for xobs18:58
xobspollo: if there's demand. You should be able to buy them still from Crowd Supply.20:17
mithroxobs: I guess as long as SiLab keep making the microcontroller it is pretty easy to keep making them?21:41
polloThe board is very nice, I'm just worried about durability22:45
polloThen again, maybe U2F will be much more mainstream in  2 years and there will be more demand for openhw Foss tokens22:45
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