Thursday, 2018-07-26

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MadHacker Joy, Farnell have updated my order for Tomu CPUs with a delivery date in mid-november.07:42
MadHackerGood job. :/07:42
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MadHackerHopefully the crowd supply ones will show up before then. They're in the post, in theory.08:45
xobsMine showed up on Tuesday.08:46
MadHackerStuff always takes forever to cross the pond somehow.08:46
MadHackerIt's significantly quicker for me to order from China than from the US.08:46
MadHackerHm, actually, it's stuck in pre-shipping.08:47
MadHackerHas a USPS label but no actual tracking.08:47
xobsNo?  That's supremely odd.08:47
MadHackerBeen in pre-shipment since the 13th.08:47
foltiMadHacker: well, China plays fun with the postage claims.08:49
MadHackerOh, I'm aware China has some interesting postage deals that make it rather cheaper for them.08:49
MadHackerBut this is about time, not price.08:49
foltitime is important when the parcel is sittin at customs08:50
foltior just in the corner of a half empty container in a processing site08:51
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