Tuesday, 2018-07-17

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kyaputenhey C-keen08:04
C-keenwaiting for my tomus to arrive08:11
C-keenthen I need to figure out what to do with them :p08:11
xobsMe too, actually.  Mine should be here this week.09:25
MadHackerHad real trouble getting CPUs for my DIY ones, weirdly.09:30
MadHackerSo still waiting on the crowd supply order.09:30
xobsThere did seem to be a shortage, right around the time the campaign ended.  It was one of my worries when placing the order.09:30
C-keenso what do *you* do with your tomus :)09:41
xobsI mostly debug the bootloader...09:42
MadHackerI'll be trying to do exotic things with the touch-pads.09:50
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