Tuesday, 2018-06-26

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tomu-ci[im-tomu.github.io] xobs pushed 3 new commits to master: https://git.io/f4Qm003:14
tomu-ciim-tomu.github.io/master 2277694 dragon788: Added WebUSB option for bootloader update03:14
tomu-ciim-tomu.github.io/master d7ba37e dragon788: Updated wording, clarified sample program behavior03:14
tomu-ciim-tomu.github.io/master 277f27e Sean Cross: Merge pull request #9 from dragon788/patch-1...03:14
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kyaputenxobs, MadHacker: I succeeded in reverting the autoboot by putting a metal piece instead of my finger on the pads13:11
kyaputenit's quite strange it doesn't detect my finger on chan 013:12
kyaputenhowever now I can investigate :)13:12
xobskyaputen: It doesn't do capacitive sensing for autoboot -- it explicitly looks for a short like you created.13:12
kyaputenmy bad13:13
kyaputenI thought it was captouch since a user would have difficulty to create a short - however  I wondered how you detected "accidental" captouch13:13
kyaputenbut is it normal to have always 0 on channel 0 though ?13:15
xobsPotentially.  I was trying to track down why that happens.  There are actually 4 pads, and I have some bit-banged captouch working on the other two pads as a fallback.13:16
kyaputenI see13:20
auscompgeekkyaputen: ... I did say "your finger isn't conductive enough to short them" the other day when you asked13:34
kyaputenauscompgeek true! and I misread13:50
kyaputenplease accept my apologies13:50
kyaputenI read that as I wouldn't have any values on the readout13:51
kyaputen(as it happens, my mother's fingers often do not register on capacitive screens)13:51
kyaputensorry for the mistake13:52
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