Tuesday, 2018-06-19

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kyaputenI received mine!!!08:14
kyaputenwith v2 boot, how do we specify we want to boot into the application on next plug in ?09:14
kyaputennvm I found the flag in the macro09:18
kyaputenTOBOOT_CONFIGURATION(TOBOOT_CONFIG_FLAG_AUTORUN); if anyone is wondering09:18
kyaputennow I have the inverse problem, I would like to boot again in toboot. I thought that putting my finger on the two pads while plugging would do it but it doesn't work... Do I need to short other pins ?09:25
auscompgeekyou need to short the two pads. your finger isn't conductive enough to short them.10:45
auscompgeeka pair of tweezers or some wire works well for me10:45
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kyaputenauscompgeek ok i'll try...11:59
kyaputenbut when i try the captouch program only the first 3 channels are displaying non zero values12:01
MadHackerThink that's a known problem.13:02
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kyaputenoh, ok15:12
MadHacker(From 16th May, don't think it's fixed since) 10:28 < xobs> I need to hook up a scope to figure out why only one of the pads is reliably doing touch sensing.15:27
MadHackerThink it's still a problem.15:27
kyaputenah, then it would be difficult to boot again in dfu mode. i'll look up the debug pads for that purpose15:40
kyaputenthank you15:40
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