Sunday, 2018-06-10

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rgmI just got my tomu yesterday and am very excited.  Congratulations on delivery.14:41
rgmThe plastic cases had been somewhat deformed by mailing, but I asked a friend to print some replacements, so I really appreciate the STL files.14:41
rgmDoes anyone know if Gnuk builds for the tomu?  It's an open source implementation of a GnuPG USB cryptographic token targetting STM32F103.  I see a lot of the author's name in the chopstx source code.14:44
rgmI'd really love to use my tomu with GnuPG.  I was able to load the U2F firmware on it successfully, but I have limited use case for that currently.14:45
tpbTitle: Git - gnuk/gnuk.git/summary (at
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TechAspirerrgm: You'd have to modify it for Toboot19:01
TechAspirerBut it should work19:01
TechAspirerMake sure to use Tomu chopstx over the one included too19:02
TechAspirerAnd be careful about the random numbers19:03
TechAspirerTomu has a constant seed not relevant to cycle time that is persistent on boot19:03
TechAspirerSo there not secure and you always know the random number from cycle 1 to 1 billion19:03
TechAspirerThat said, you can get random numbers19:03
TechAspirerxobs has a PDF  on it19:03
MadHackerThe gist of the technique seemed to be that the LSB of the internal temperature reference ADC is random.19:04
MadHacker(as in, it's lost in noise, not just "it varies a bit")19:05
TechAspirerMadHacker Nobody asked you D:19:08
TechAspirerJust kidding. Good morning :P19:08
MadHackerEvening here.19:08
MadHackerBut yes, good diurnal period. :)19:08
TechAspirerYou got a working Tomu yet?19:09
MadHackerNope. Still awaiting processors, unfortunately.19:09
TechAspirerSteal someone else's19:11
TechAspirerx_obs has bunches19:14
TechAspirerThink about it19:14
MadHackerHeh. Unfortunately I think it'd cost xobs more to post them than the CPUs cost.19:14
TechAspirerFly to his nearest airport19:15
TechAspirerDrive to his house19:15
TechAspirerBreak in19:15
TechAspirerFind his Tomus19:15
TechAspirerDesolder the CPUs19:15
TechAspirerGet out19:15
TechAspirerDrive to the airport19:15
TechAspirerFlyy back19:15
TechAspirerSolder them on19:15
MadHackerOr, y'know, wait until tomorrow when the delivery is due. Which, I should point out, takes less time than getting to xobs' place in Singapore.19:16
TechAspirerYou sound lazy19:16
TechAspirerNot if you teleport19:16
TechAspirerJust build a teleportation device with your Tomus19:17
TechAspirerTeleport there19:17
TechAspirerSteal the chips19:17
TechAspirerTeleport back19:17
MadHackerIf I had the option of the teleport, I'd just ask someone nicely. I'm pretty sure theft isn't required. Regardless, tomorrow. :P19:26
rgmIs there any chance of tomu chopstx changes being accepted upstream?23:28
TechAspirerrgm: I'd say yes23:36

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