Saturday, 2018-06-09

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TechAspirerI messed up on the header guards; I fixed that issue; sorry for blaming your code when it was fine.00:09
TechAspirerxobs: This now compiles without issue and runs on Tomu
tpbTitle: LTE/main.nim at master · kayabaNerve/LTE · GitHub (at
TechAspirerYou do, of course, need LTE to do it though00:29
TechAspirerMadHacker: Can I count on you to use and promote LTE when you get your boards? :P00:40
TechAspirer(non-joke: I wouldn't even try it out for the first day or two. Best to learn with libopenmc3. Feel free to check it out after that and give feedback though.)00:41
TechAspirerxobs: I heard you liked code04:00
xobsTechAspirer: What's LTE?04:01
TechAspirerSo now you can send your Tomu hex strings and get a SHA512 hash back. I'm also starting to question what I'm doing in life...04:01
tpbTitle: LTE/samples/C/SHA512 at master · kayabaNerve/LTE · GitHub (at
TechAspirerThe name of my Tomu library04:01
xobsLittle Tomu Environment?04:01
TechAspirerLuke's :P04:01
TechAspirerMaybe I'll rename if I get other people04:01
TechAspirerI've been supposed to finish up a web server. Instead I've been programming a USB board the has a red and green LED...04:02
xobsNim works, too?!  That's very interesting, also.04:03
TechAspirerIt compiles to C04:03
TechAspirerI used the config from this:
tpbTitle: GitHub - dom96/nimkernel: A small kernel written in Nim (at
TechAspirerCreated Nim wrappers around my headers04:04
TechAspirerNow you can get started with Serial and LEDs in just 29 lines
tpbTitle: LTE/main.nim at master · kayabaNerve/LTE · GitHub (at
TechAspirerOh. But not everything works.04:04
TechAspirerYou can't create ref objects (pointers to custom types). It's not built for no OS, yes stdlib, so it thinks there's no stdlib and no OS04:05
TechAspirerWhen this is just no OS04:05
TechAspirerThat said, C++ support has been even worse than getting Nim to work. I've completely dropped it.04:05
xobsI have a vague wishlist for Chibitronics stuff to add Cortex-M0 support to tinycc and glue nim on top of that.04:08
xobsI wasn't sure what would be required, and it's nice to know that nim is usable on embedded targets like Tomu.04:08
tpbTitle: LTE/samples/Nim/Base at master · kayabaNerve/LTE · GitHub (at
TechAspirerMain.nim is the minimum needed04:10
TechAspirercompileWindows.bat details the compilation process04:10
TechAspirerpanicoverride does nothing and is required with Nim to handle horrible errors04:11
TechAspirerMem Out of Bounds, segfaults...04:11
TechAspirerOh. There's also this modified makefile
tpbTitle: LTE/Makefile.common at master · kayabaNerve/LTE · GitHub (at
TechAspirerIt includes/compiles the LTE code, doesn't run Git (pointless/my Git install is broken), and includes C flags `-specs=nano.specs -specs=nosys.specs`04:12
TechAspirerOh. It also includes this necessary Nim file called Nimbase but that's commented by default since not everyone has Nim04:15
TechAspirerIt's all in the README ;p I'll stop rambling and let you do whatever with it04:15
xobsYou could probably add targets for *.nim files, too...04:40
TechAspirerxobs: Hmm04:54
TechAspirerGood idea04:54
TechAspirerxobs: Wait04:55
TechAspirerThis seems iffy04:56
TechAspirerBecause you're not supposed to compile Nim files individually04:56
TechAspirerJust one which imports the others04:56
TechAspirerUnlike GCC where you do that and then link04:56
TechAspirerSo all I can really do is compile main.nim04:57
TechAspirerNot all *.nim04:57
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TechAspirerxobs: I got stuck compiling the generated C14:19
TechAspirerAlso, good morning14:19
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xobsTechAspirer: How so?15:53
xobsAlso, good morning.15:53
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TechAspirerxobs: The generated C. I can't compile them19:43
TechAspirerAll wildcards are evaluated at boot, not at execution19:43
TechAspirerSo wildcard nimcache/*.c returns nothing if there's no *.c19:43
TechAspirerSo you either have to run it twice, crashing the first19:43
TechAspirerOr only use C which still works19:44
TechAspirerOr use make nim then make19:44
TechAspirerUntil I fix this19:44
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TechAspirerxobs: Idea. Use run to update the serial connection with a frame every 60 seconds. Use main() to set that frame. Connect to a Nim window that uses Putty to manage the serial connection. Achieve a 100x100 8 color window23:23

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