Friday, 2018-06-08

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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] xobs pushed 1 new commit to master:
tomu-citomu-samples/master a36c650 Sean Cross: usb_msc: correct comment description...00:54
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xobsTechAspirer: I have still open that describes getting good random numbers on Tomu... in theory at least.00:56
TechAspirerxobs: I don't need good random, I need secure random01:01
TechAspirerI'll read over it though. Thanks01:01
TechAspirerAnd I don't need either. Just for my idea, I would need secure01:01
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MadHacker20:05 < TechAspirer> MadHackers: Build a Serial proxy app on your laptop <-- Wanted something that didn't need the PC except for power, really. ANd same with the wiring. Maybe they can talk by RF if they're close enough. :D08:55
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TechAspirerMadHacker: But then you're wiring an RF module14:56
TechAspirerIs the issue the wiring of the Tomus together or the wiring of the Tomu at all14:57
MadHackerNo, I meant very short range just using the cap touch pads as antennae.14:57
MadHacker(think more electrostatic than RF really)14:57
MadHackerBut TBH it's probably not going to work.14:57
MadHackerThere's almost certainly nonzero coupling there but I doubt I can get enough out of it.14:58
MadHackerI'm going for ridiculous here, not practical. I would never try anything that daft in a real product.14:58
MadHackerIt's just for fun.14:58
TechAspirerI doubt that would work unless they're touching14:58
TechAspirerAssuming you CAN even output along them14:58
TechAspirerBTW that's the next lib I'm working on14:59
TechAspirerBut really just digital buttons not freaking RF attenae :P14:59
MadHackerI can. It's the picking it back up that's questionable. A very nearby pad set to float vs. a nearby pad hard grounded may be detectable, though.14:59
TechAspirerTouch them together15:00
MadHacker(as in, keeping it in cap touch land; pushing actual RF out is easy enough but picking it back up is probably not)15:00
TechAspirerLink the Tomus15:00
TechAspirerGet the one ring15:00
MadHackerDon't wanna. Want them in a hub, adjacent ports.15:00
TechAspirerI respect and hate you15:00
MadHackerHonestly, I'm just being silly. I'd link them in a heartbeat if I were trying to be sensible.15:00
TechAspirerThis seems awesome and infuriating15:00
TechAspirerWhat's the point overall?15:00
MadHackerI have no practical uses for these right now, but I'll probably find some by experimenting with silly things.15:01
MadHackerI mean, I have 18 of the PCBs in front of me right now, and a bag of ICs to match due tomorrow.15:01
MadHackerNot like I'm short of them to mess about with.15:01
MadHacker(plus the ones I ordered from crowdsupply due sometime)15:01
TechAspirerI have 5 because I got the 5 pack15:05
MadHackerOrdered 10 as a "protopack" from dirtypcbs, got 18 boards.15:06
MadHackerTheir 10 is "about 10". Sometimes you get nine. Sometimes, a lot more.15:06
MadHackerIt just depends what fits well on the panel with the other things they're producing that day.15:06
MadHackerNever had less than 9.15:06
TechAspirerI thought you ordered 10 twice for a second15:08
MadHackerThat would not be out of character, but no, on this occasion I ordered the right number and won on the PCB layout lottery.15:09
TechAspirerGot it15:09
TechAspirerWhy'd you need 1015:09
MadHackerCheaper than buying 5.15:09
TechAspirerCan I interest you in LTE?15:09
MadHacker(seriously, not joking)15:09
TechAspirerLol. Fair enough15:09
MadHackerI paid $13.95, total, shipped, for 18 boards. Components are my own problem, but it's a low BOM-cost board anyway.15:13
TechAspirerI paid $60, total, shipped, for 5 boards with pieces and have them, with cute plastic cases!15:15
MadHackerYep, I kind of expected to have mine rather before you. Alas, some processing and stock delays in various places.15:15
TechAspirerI also have an European friend I'm giving one too so then I'll have 4 and we'll have an extra community member15:15
TechAspirerMadHacker: get shut down m815:16
MadHackerI'm in .uk, BTW.15:16
TechAspirerBut I'm going to Berlin a couple, along with London as a family side trip, for a tech conference the group I work for is hosting15:16
MadHackerLondon's good as a tourist. Wouldn't want to live there, but well worth a visit.15:17
MadHacker(I'm in Glasgow)15:17
TechAspirerI wouldn't want to live there at all15:18
TechAspirerYou guys had Brexit15:18
TechAspirerI'm not a fan of that15:18
MadHacker* are still in the middle of (bloody) brexit.15:18
TechAspirerI am laughing at all the people who said they wanted to stay and only voted to leave to prove a point15:18
TechAspirerAnd the people pissed they don't get the same bonuses on travelling if they stayed in EU15:18
TechAspirerSomething something entry fees to other countries15:18
MadHackerYou'll get no argument out of me. I voted to stay in the EU.15:21
TechAspirerI want to stay in Germany15:32
TechAspirerLeader of the EU15:32
railscan you imagine ordering 1016:43
railsthen recieving 250~, with a note. "whoops, sorry"16:44
MadHackerThat's happened to me before.16:45
MadHackerOrdered a component, got a reel.16:45
TechAspirerMadHacker: What component?17:08
TechAspirerHello rails17:08
TechAspirer4th person I've seen17:08
TechAspirerDamn it17:08
TechAspirerx_obs M_adHacker r_ails17:08
technomancyif I have my tomu set up as a u2f token, what device node will my browser need r/w access to in order to authenticate?17:11
TechAspirerI feel that count should be way higher based on the amount of people here17:11
TechAspirerOr did xobs pay a service to put in fake people?17:12
technomancythe udev rules in the docs don't work for me, and I'm trying to figure out why17:12
technomancyactually there's an even better question: if I flash the tomu to be a u2f token, should I expect the normal docs to even apply any more, or do I need to look at the chopstix docs?17:14
TechAspirertechnomancy: I'm not ignoring you, I just can't answer :P17:14
technomancyit looks like it does in fact change the vendor and product ID17:15
TechAspirerI think you can expect help via Chopstx, for Tomu Chopstx, and for the Tomu hardware, but not via the standard software help17:15
technomancyOK, got it working with the new IDs; cool17:18
technomancythe docs probably ought to mention this17:18
TechAspirerMake a pull request ;p17:19
technomancyon it =)17:20
technomancyis it worth mentioning that you shouldn't set permissions to 777 if you're on a multi-user system?17:24
technomancyit seems like that would be very unusual for a 2FA device, but ... better safe than sorry?17:24
MadHackerIt's not terribly obvious how to handle a 2FA device on a multi-user system in the first place.17:28
MadHackerI mean, what ties "this device is plugged in" to "User ABC (only) may use it".17:28
MadHackerI suppose you could do something with whoever's currently logged in at the console, but even that's a bit of a faff.17:28
tpbTitle: Add instructions for updating udev rules. by technomancy · Pull Request #4 · im-tomu/chopstx · GitHub (at
TechAspirerxobs: Have you seen Nim?19:26
TechAspirerxobs: Got it up on the Tomu20:27
TechAspirerxobs: Can I just yell at how bad this build process is?22:11
TechAspirerLike it's nice to have a Makefile22:11
TechAspirerBut with all the variables it's hard to read the actual commands it runs. I'm trying to turn it into a Nim compiler command and failing. Horribly.22:12
TechAspirerThe linking also violates header guards22:13
TechAspirerAll three of my files are guarded22:13
TechAspirerBut a double include of the files still causes double declarations22:13
TechAspirerI'd appreciate some help when you have a few lol22:16
TechAspirerThis does work on the Tomu as long as you delete three lines from the generated code due to header guard violation
tpbTitle: FruitGuesser.nim · GitHub (at
TechAspirerMy guess is that it's compiling as separate objects...23:42
TechAspirerSo then it links 2 copies because there's 1 with 3 headers and 3 with 1 header, for a total of 623:42

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