Wednesday, 2018-06-06

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newTomuHello! Just got my Tomu from crowd supply and did update the firmware. The one sided case was broken though. When it was fabricated/cut, the left the edges, and it wouldn't fit into my USB port. Took some scissors and that's out of the way though01:21
newTomuNow my question is how do I get started coding?01:21
newTomuThe site,, just covers bootloaders and says if you flash a bad file, it will reset01:21
newTomuNot any link to a compiler/library...01:21
newTomu(I'm expecting a GCC build and tomu.h header, I guess. Something akin to that)01:22
newTomuFound this
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/tomu-samples: Code samples for the Tomu board (at
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newTomuRIP me building libopencm3 on Windows?
tpbTitle: process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, env python C:\Users\lukeP\Desktop\Tomu\sample - (at
newTomuI added the ARM GCC to my path after installing it. Make is failing though01:43
newTomuRunning it from inside the libopenmc3 directory which I got from GitHub and placed inside the samples directory where it had a pointer to libopenmc3 at a certain commit. Pretty sure I got the same one01:43
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xobsnewTomu: Try the quickstart repo if you're on Windows.04:00
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/tomu-quickstart: A quicker way to get started building samples (at
xobstechnomancy: I'm not sure what the answer there is.  udev does use inotify to automatically pick up changes, which is why that's not in the documentation.04:18
xobstechnomancy: I believe the file you need access to is the node that gets created under /dev/bus/usb/04:19
newTomuTHANK YOU xobs04:24
newTomuI just put it down to get back to work after that error04:24
xobsnewTomu: I'm updating now to make the quickstart repo more prominent.  Thanks for pointing that out.04:25
newTomuYeah. I had to go -> Bootloader -> GitHub profile -> samples04:25
newTomuI've been coding for a while now. Know my way around. I'm interested as this is way more challenging then I thought it would be. That said, people less experienced may feel screwed without this available04:26
xobsI know the feeling.  Want to make it as easy as possible to get started.04:27
newTomuxobs; Write the dfu file with dfu-utils -d file.dfu, right?04:32
newTomuNVM. Got it04:33
xobsdfu-util -D file.dfu / dfu-util --download file.dfu04:33
newTomuNow flicking LEDs every 5 seconds :D04:38
newTomudfu-suffix is failing though04:40
xobsHow so?04:40
newTomuProbably because I only have dfu-util04:40 only gave me the link for -util04:40
newTomuAnd it's trying to find, in my path, -suffix04:40
xobsIt's not /really/ required.  You can upload the .bin file instead.04:41
newTomuNot just doing dfu-util suffix (and I doubt dfu-util has this... feature? Just commenting that's the only way it would work)04:41
newTomu.dfu will upload too04:41
newTomuJust complains04:41
xobsOh good.  Complaints are helpful.04:41
newTomuThat said, I would like to be A-OK not scraping by04:41
newTomuIs dfu-suffix in dfu-util, a separate binary, source code, or non-Windows only?04:42
xobsIt's a separate binary.04:42
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TechAspirerOh. I already registered this. I forgot what email. Dammit04:42
TechAspirerGood thing it isn't trying to ghost me04:42
xobsThe documentation says to get dfu-util-static.exe and rename it, because the default links against a .dll and it's somewhat tricky to describe how to put both the .dll and the .exe in the path.04:43
tpbTitle: Index of /releases/dfu-util-0.8-binaries/win32-mingw32 (at
TechAspirerThank you04:43
TechAspirerAnd I have dfu-util (static). Do I need the dll to use -suffix as there's no -static?04:44
xobsActually, no.  It looks like it doesn't link against the .dll.04:45
xobsYou should be able to get dfu-suffix.exe and run it without the .dll.  Interesting.04:45
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tomu-ci[] xobs pushed 2 new commits to master: 80b2862 Sean Cross: README: add ruby-bundler to list of requirements...04:47 bd6bfd0 Sean Cross: index: add link to quickstart...04:47
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TechAspirerGreat. Thanks04:49
xobsThere, now I've added dfu-suffix.exe and dfu-util.exe to the quickstart repo, and added dfu-suffix.exe to the bootloader repo.04:53
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tomu-ci[] xobs pushed 2 new commits to master: 3654640 Sean Cross: update: modify permissions listing on 10-tomu.rules...05:04 e0ed030 Sean Cross: update: inform Windows users about dfu-suffix.exe...05:04
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TechAspirerI have to go to bed; be back tomorrow05:55
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kyaputenmy crowd supply just shipped! cant wait :-)10:41
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tomu-ci[] xobs pushed 1 new commit to master: 6e8da66 Sean Cross: samples: add newlib to list of debian packages...15:05
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TechAspirerI have regained control of this account :D Yay. Today I was curious about the buttons.23:04
TechAspirerThat and proper debugging tbh23:04
TechAspirerI tried the OpticSpy demo and then I connected a serial monitor intended for Arduino to it over a baud of 9600. The light changed from red to off and then staed off23:05
TechAspirerNo echoing serial data or flickering23:05

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