Wednesday, 2018-05-16

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xobsHi all.  I created a "quickstart" repo, where all you need is any ARM compiler and a copy of "make".  It's at
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/tomu-quickstart: A quicker way to get started building samples (at
xobsI started working on captouch, in case anyone feels like poking at that.  It definitely needs tuning.  My current work is in the "captouch" directory.09:26
xobsI did some of the work on the flight I just got off of.  It works by writing status data to the serial port.09:28
xobsI snuck in the captouch trick from MadHacker, too, so there are more options for inputs.09:34
xobsBut it's largely untested.  I don't have a portable scope for the plane, for example.09:35
MadHackerxobs: Sound card?10:19
MadHackerThe sample rate is a bit limited, but it's more than zero.10:19
MadHackerAlso, just had a fun thought. Because you have two adjacent touch pads, and because you can get some "pressure" sensing from the cap touch waveform, you can potentially sense "drags" across them.10:22
MadHackerSo you can have two touches plus two drag directions plus touch in the centre (across both) for user interactions.10:23
MadHackerOn metal-cased laptops I wonder if you can tell the difference between a user isolated from the case and touching the case, too?10:25
MadHackerSorry, just throwing some ideas out there.10:26
xobsIdeas are good.10:32
xobsI need to hook up a scope to figure out why only one of the pads is reliably doing touch sensing.10:32
MadHackerIs there an ADC on either pin?10:43
MadHackerCroc-clip the two together maybe.10:43
MadHacker(or paperclip, even)10:43
MadHacker+ then use one as an ADC to diagnose the other.10:43
MadHackerOr between two tomus.10:43
xobsThere is an ADC on each pin.10:51
xobsRather, there is an ADC on PE12 and PE13, which are the compliments of PC0 and PC1.10:51
MadHackerYou won't have the ADC bandwidth to sample the waveform directly, I guess, but you can probably configure it to run like a sampling oscilloscope with a little careful timing, because it's a repetitive waveform you're trying to sample.10:54
xobsTiming isn't so great on Tomu, because of the lack of a crystal.  The MCU does, however, do some clever clock recovery to get it to +/- 1% of 24 MHz.11:39
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MadHackerDid anyone get dirtypcbs to do a batch of tomu boards? Turn out OK?11:58
xobsI got Hackvana to.  They turned out alright, aside from my bad PCB design.12:04
xobsdirtypcbs seemed alright, too.12:04
xobsThough I never actually powered those up.12:05
MadHackerI've ordered some up, then, and I'll give them a go.12:06
MadHackerI'll let you know how I get on.12:06
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