Sunday, 2018-04-15

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shalzzHi! IIUTC tomu is compared/modelled after Yubikey 4 nano which is capable of public key cryptography, is it true for tomu as well?10:52
shalzzAFAIK having a publickey crypto hardware requires a separate secure element and a hardware RNG10:53
dtornabeneright, not sure theres enough memory on the tomu for that stuff yet, at least not the original tomu10:59
shalzzdtornabene: ok so It's just about having enough flash memory? a secure element is not strictly required?11:05
shalzzdtornabene: so maybe the tomu+ (which I think has a bigger micro-controller) should support that?11:07
auscompgeekthere's a tomu+ now?11:09
dtornabenei believe that thats the intention, yes. you should ping mithro11:09
dtornabeneauscompgeek on its way, prototype already developed (i think)11:10
dtornabeneshalzz: the original tomu was more a proof of concept for an entirely open chip to use as a base for further work. I haven't *closely* followed development but I believe that there remains work to be done on base systems like bootloaders and such11:11
shalzzdtornabene: yeah according to their crowdsupply page the support for a DFU bootloader is now added and useable11:14
auscompgeekyeah, toboot is very usable from the looks of things. I got a pre-v2.0 toboot flashed at LCA, which didn't have the API to set it to reboot into the bootloader, but being able to just use dfu-util is great11:31
dtornabenedo ya'll know if theres a working QEMU image?11:47
dtornabenehey, just bumping this, I've checked the github, does anyone know if the QEMU port for the EFM32HG is functional or not, it seems like it hasn't been worked on in two years12:21
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kyaputenAFAIK QEMU is incomplete16:27
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