Saturday, 2018-04-07

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m2049r[m]is it possible to flash the new u2f firmware without destroying the keys already in flash?09:23
auscompgeekthe keys are generated when building, not on the device09:23
m2049r[m]AFAICT that used to be so. current code generates them on device, no?09:24
tpbTitle: chopstx/u2f-apdu.c at efm32 · im-tomu/chopstx · GitHub (at
kyaputenm2049r[m] wouldn't it be a security problem if you could reflash ?12:30
m2049r[m]well, you could upgrade the software and keep your keys intact- that would be good. security problem: IMHO no, as if someone has physical access to the device they can use it to do whatever anyway. and read out the keys if they wanted to (since we don't have a secure element).13:59
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SergeiGm2049r[m], will this feature resolve your issue?
tpbTitle: chopstx/ at tobootv2 · im-tomu/chopstx · GitHub (at
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m2049r[m]SergeiG: that looks like what i'm looking for - thanks! but ... i can't seem to find inject_key.py22:22
SergeiGm2049r[m], it is in tobootv2 branch, it is not merged yet.22:25
m2049r[m]Oh :)22:26

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