Monday, 2018-03-19

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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] xobs pushed 2 new commits to master:
tomu-citomu-hardware/master 1c1edad Sean Cross: release: add v0.4.6 pannelization...06:58
tomu-citomu-hardware/master 5ba83dd Sean Cross: case: add manufactured case, and clean up naming...06:58
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xobsThere.  I added the pannelized board files, as returned by the factory.  Also added the case, as it's getting built.06:58
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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] xobs pushed 2 new commits to master:
tomu-citomu-samples/master edcc084 Sean Cross: libopencm3-samples: also build binaries by default...10:16
tomu-citomu-samples/master a093d42 Sean Cross: libopencm3-samples: document usage for dfu/an0042...10:16
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xobsThat's really cool.  The libopencm3-samples examples kick out .bin files that are compatible with both the AN0042 bootloader and DFU.  So it's really easy to switch between programs when developing.  Just flash a new version and away it goes.10:26
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