Wednesday, 2018-02-28

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xobsWell, hubs already kinda have bitbang-able GPIOs.  Or at least, GPOs.  If it's wired up, you can toggle power on individual hub ports.  And toggle the LED, too.04:48
xobsHere's the source for novena-usb-hub which toggles port power:
tpbTitle: novena-usb-hub/novena-usb-hub.c at master · xobs/novena-usb-hub · GitHub (at
MadHackerAye, but the big smoothing capacitors on the power rails somewhat interfere with trying to carry data on it, even assuming you're not already using it for power. :)06:13
MadHackerI suspect that the test modes on most USB devices would probably do it, but they're not standardised at all.06:14
xobsMadHacker: Power rails, yes.  But the LEDs are also able to be controlled, assuming those pins are wired up.06:27
MadHackerIs the interface for those standardised?06:28
MadHackerIf so, a hacker's hub that brought them out to 0.1" header would be ridiculously cheap and easy to make. :)06:29
MadHackerStill couldn't use it as an assumed-to-be-there rescue mode thing, but nonetheless, handy.06:30
xobsMan, the USB specification is complex.  And Chapter 11 is longer than every other chapter combined.06:33
xobsHaving said that, PORT_INDICATOR hs the feature you're looking for.  You can then set some other bits to actually control the LED.06:34
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