Tuesday, 2018-02-27

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xobsAlright, so after bricking my own Tomu by updating it over a dodgy USB cable, I've decided it's a Bad Idea to allow for in-place upgrades.04:54
xobsThe solution is to have a loader that can overwrite sector 0.04:56
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kyaputenxobs: welcome to the club :)11:48
MadHackerIt feels like a missed opportunity that USB can't be switched into a GPIO mode where you can just wiggle the two pins.11:59
MadHacker(Not on tomu, on hosts, so you can use them to fix stuff like this)12:00
kyaputenwell, arduinos are cheap nowadays (but I agree that would be nice)12:36
kyaputenmaybe the latency wouldn't be good if you're not in kernel space (I don't know)12:36
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auscompgeekI think the problem would be mostly that USB is a bus13:13
MadHackerTo be clear, I wasn't suggesting that as a standard mode, just as a feature that'd have been nice to be standardised in the hubs and in UHCI/OHCI/EHCI.13:14
MadHackerSo that it was available as an "in a pinch" feature with broad support for firmware recovery etc.13:14
auscompgeekbut it'd mean significantly more complex circuitry I suppose13:15
MadHackerNah, adding GPIO to something is pretty trivial. Especially since USB isn't properly differential and uses single-ended signals for various things.13:15
MadHackerIt'd save a lot of complexity required to implement DFU etc. in hardware on the device side.13:15
Kitlithnot to mention it'd be neat to have a few bitbangable gpios exposed from USB ports20:25
Kitlithwant to turn on an led from your computer over USB? easy -- just flip a line and have some hardware that protects against overvoltage20:26
Kitlithbut that's never going to happen20:26

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