Monday, 2018-02-12

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xobsIt's not possible to have the serial bootloader auto-boot an installed application.01:13
xobsHowever, today I'm working on a method to update Toboot that could be used to install it on devices with the Serial bootloader.01:13
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m2049r[m]oh - read that too late! i managed to load toboot by way of a nucleo stlink (only had to change the vid/pid of the stlink & point to the existing prebuild bin). app loads & dfu looks like it's working as well. thanks for the help!10:23
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m2049r[m]trying to flash u2f with "dfu-util -vv -D build/u2f.bin" i get this:18:06
m2049r[m]Copying data from PC to DFU device18:06
m2049r[m]Download[                         ]   0%            0 bytes failed!18:06
m2049r[m]state(10) = dfuERROR, status(8) = Cannot program memory due to received address that is out of range18:06
m2049r[m]i am probably building it wrong: cloned the repo fresh, cd chopstx/u2f; make18:11
m2049r[m]the same build worked before using the serial bootloader (and is still flashed &  running)18:15
m2049r[m](blinky samples flash & work)18:36
m2049r[m]ok - had to pull & build the latest toboot - it works now.19:38
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