Saturday, 2018-02-10

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kyaputenhi motwok00:36
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xobsPrototype PCBs from Hackvana for plastics measurement arrived today:
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kyaputenx = reset ?12:09
kyaputenmithro & xobs: by the way, I thought of a use of the crowdsupply campaign: you could create a small bounty program regarding security12:10
xobsx = reset, yeah.12:11
kyaputenAs I believe many uses will includes secrets inside the tomu, it could be useful to have security review12:11
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kyaputenthe main scenario of attack I see is that if I lose my tomu, I don't want the secret inside to be readable12:12
kyaputenbut I don't know if that's realistic or not12:12
kyaputen(of course people will be able to use it as a black box)12:12
xobsIt doesn't have a whole lot of security from that perspective.12:13
kyaputenIsn't it "lockable" though ?12:14
xobsIt is, you can disable SWD.12:14
xobsAnd you can cause Toboot to not allow manual entry.12:15
kyaputenand from that point, I could have a special toboot that only allows signed apps to run (signed by me if I patch toboot or signed by tomu's main key in general case)12:15
kyaputenso "theoretically" I couldn't write a flash stealing app and write it to tomu without resetting the whole flash12:16
xobsYou could do that, but it wouldn't be Toboot anymore.  Toboot runs entirely from RAM, and is already pretty close to full.12:16
kyaputenmy bad didn't think of that point12:17
xobsAPI V2.0 will support "compulsary erase blocks" where an existing application can request certain blocks be erased when a new program is loaded.12:17
kyaputenand it would probably need to half the flash (in order to be able to verify one part while having the other as a backup)12:17
kyaputenregarding "erase blocks", I read that but the only scenario I see is that we have a secret that can be thrown away with updates12:19
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mithroxobs: You should get @bunniestudios to retweet your v0.4.3 tweet18:25
mithroxobs: Having some kind of "authenticated" bootloader would be a cool feature18:25
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