Wednesday, 2018-02-07

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kyaputenI did it!!!!01:17
kyaputenbear with me, this is 100% unconventional01:17
kyaputenso, reading the documentation, i saw there was a 47us window where you can "reset" the EFM32HG to a blank state. However, this is done on the swdp interface, so I wondered if at least I could access the the swdp during that 47us01:18
kyaputenI created a gdb script that continuously calls "mon swdp_scan"01:18
kyaputenWhile running the script, I manually pull down the reset pin and unpull down (with a wire)01:19
kyaputenand in the log I have 1 instance where the scan is successful01:19
kyaputenSo I created a python script that does that then if the scan is successful, attach01:20
kyaputenthat was enough :D no need to re-enable debugging01:20
kyaputen(at least it worked on one unit)01:20
kyaputenyay !01:20
kyaputenI can't believe it worked, this is such a bullshit method ^_^01:22
kyaputenthank you all for the help01:24
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xobskyaputen: That sounds like the BMP version of the "while true; do openocd ..." script.  Grats on a functional unit!07:53
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halosghostwhat are some things people are considering doing with their tomu other than u2f?16:25
halosghostI'm rather intrigued by one (just saw the crowdsupply) and I'm mulling over getting one, but I'm not sure what I'd do with it16:25
motwokback from a PITA 3 Days Warroom bugfixing session...17:50
halosghostsounds fun17:51
motwoknot real... i want leave on day 2... but someon put a gun on my head...18:47
motwokit is a "interface project" of a not so small companys logistic center18:49
motwokjust cargo abround 10 Containers a day double in high season18:49
motwokmaybe tripple18:50
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