Tuesday, 2018-02-06

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xobskyaputen: Try putting it in a while loop.  In the past, I've set up a "while true; do openocd -c [config]".  Because Tomu is constantly resetting itself, it may take multiple attempts to break into the debugger.01:12
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xobsGood/bad news: my USB debugging setup isn't very reliable, and as a result I've discovered that I really, really ought to buffer Toboot updates before writing them out.09:26
xobsIn case, you know, it gets disconnected or corrupted halfway through.09:26
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kyaputenyou don't write the update with SWD ?13:06
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xobsNot in the field.  There is an "offset" value in the program header that allows it to be placed anywhere in flash.  Including address 0.  In which case, Toboot will overwrite itself.16:06
kyaputennooooo! I don't know what I do, but that's the second unit that is not responding :(16:56
kyaputenbut this time, I flashed toboot at offset 0 and the app at offset 0x400016:56
kyaputenso on this unit, I have the red led on but it still doesn't answer16:57
kyaputeni'm totally WTF'ed16:57
kyaputenI don't understand16:57
kyaputen(to be sure it worked I flashed first the blinky sample at offset 0x4000 with same technique and it worked great. I could step from toboot to the sample within the same debugging session)16:58
kyaputenI'm starting to wonder if my BMP isn't frying the CHIP, but it's 3.3V and then why the red led would go up ? Some code must be running right ?16:58
kyaputenI'm sad :'(17:04
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mithrokyaputen: Maybe you are accidently setting the fuses which disable debugging?20:38
kyaputenmithro: ah, I didn't think about that one. I'll check the source of CDC for such behavior21:47
kyaputenI'm sorry I keep breaking them :(21:48
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mithrokyaputen: I don't think you are actually breaking them22:11
kyaputencertainly feels like it :(22:45

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