Monday, 2018-02-05

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mithromotwok: Which version of the case did you print? The different versions need slightly different cases00:09
mithromotwok: But you are correct that on cheaper 3d printers you do get a lot of "slop" that needs to be compensated for00:09
motwoki printed all :D00:09
motwoki think i have a prototype... my pcb is 11 mm wide... and looks different than in the CAD files.00:10
mithromotwok: It should have the version marked on it00:11
motwokmhhh 0.2 fancy... prints not well may i need to change to 0,2 mm nozzle00:16
motwokand then the big question: how to fix tomu in this case00:16
motwokok one problem is the leftover from breakout of the PCB...00:25
xobsmotwok: Yeah, the mousebites might need to be sanded.00:45
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] xobs pushed 2 new commits to master:
tomu-citomu-hardware/master 2451ca2 Sean Cross: schematic: line up to 50 mil spacing...01:23
tomu-citomu-hardware/master 436cb5f Sean Cross: pcb: expose 3.3V pad...01:23
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] xobs deleted +0.2 at 313b9b9:
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] xobs deleted +0.1 at bcaf1e0:
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] xobs pushed 5 new commits to master:
tomu-citomu-hardware/master c47a669 Sean Cross: usb-pcb: pull back soldermask from footprint...02:43
tomu-citomu-hardware/master 69ea0a3 Sean Cross: pcb: use usb footprint with smaller mask...02:43
tomu-citomu-hardware/master 705450b Sean Cross: pcb: move user drawings around a bit...02:43
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mithromotwok: Use something like bluetack also works02:53
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russmare the production tomu boards going to use the same touch sensors as the LCA 2018 ones, or has the through-plated via thing helped?03:17
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] xobs pushed 1 new commit to master:
tomu-citomu-hardware/master a987253 Sean Cross: v0.4.3: add exported gerber files...03:18
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] xobs tagged v0.4.3 at master:
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xobsrussm: they'll use the same touch sensors as the LCA 2018 ones.  Though with more vias on the side to try to improve sensitivity.  Or possibly reduce sensitivity.  It remains to be seen.03:19
russmcool. nice timing on my question and that push :)03:19
russmmy board from LCA only reliably picks up touches on the red-led side, but I'm not about to extrapolate too hard from a sample size of 103:21
xobsCaptouch is hard03:28
mithrorussm: The settings are pretty much all configured to default at the moment03:44
mithrorussm: Probably could use some optimisation03:46
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xobsMorning all.  Time to implement API-2.0 for the bootloader.06:33
xobskyaputen: It occurs to me, actually, that if you want to get the CDC bootloader working, you could use Toboot.06:34
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kyaputenxobs: ah. I put it as a user app. So I'm not at risk of bricking (well much less so)11:24
kyaputenI would need to modify the ld script and the init sequence but that's doable. Good idea11:25
kyaputenI also figured that in the current port, I define NORAM_FUNCS but that prevents the CDC to overwrite itself, so I need a way to have those ram functions11:30
SergeiGkyaputen, what do you mean by "bricking"? Have you locked SWD interface?12:14
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kyaputenSergeiG yes13:23
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kyaputenactually I would be happy to send the unit to anyone who would like to take a look at it13:29
SergeiGkyaputen, it is easy to do with CDC bootloader by pressing 'l'. I managed to unlock SWD with J-Link using the script which I have found somewhere. I don't think OpenOCD or BMP can unlock EFM32 as of now.13:29
kyaputenSergeiG the bootloader was the debug version of my gcc port, so it's in a non working state13:32
kyaputenSergeiG how did you unlock SWD with JLink ? Isn't it the same interface as for BMP or OpenOCD (newb here) ?13:32
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SergeiGkyaputen, found that post:
SergeiGkyaputen, OpenOCD doesn't have a command to unlock efm32, nor it exposes AP/DP read/write commands13:41
SergeiGsame for BMP13:41
SergeiGthere is a patch for OpenOCD here:, but I haven't try it13:41
kyaputenSergeiG ok, but it would work even if I don't have an answer on SWD port ?13:42
kyaputenBasically the hypothesis is that the cpu is stuck in a reboot loop and thus never acknowledge the SWD. How this script would break that loop ? (I'm guessing SWDSelect wouldn't work)13:44
kyaputenSWDReadDP 013:44
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SergeiGhmm... I think it should be possible to mass erase flash somehow...14:10
kyaputenSergeiG same :-) I just didn't found the how :'(14:18
kyaputenI just checked I don't have a JLink unfortunately14:19
xobskyaputen: Raspberry Pi?14:37
kyaputenI do have one RPI14:37
kyaputenV2 I believe but openocd should work on it14:38
xobsShould.  That's what I used when Toboot wasn't working at all.14:45
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kyaputenbut you have an additional wire right ?15:10
kyaputenfrom the reset pin15:11
xobsI ended up not needing it.15:14
xobsErasing the flash, which I managed to do even though I couldn't attach gdb, was enough to kick it back into action.15:14
kyaputenI tried to connect it through openocd with a stlink-v215:38
kyaputenWith a regular tomu (as sent by mithro) I get this: Warn : UNEXPECTED idcode: 0x0bc1147715:39
kyaputen(which I guess may be normal)15:39
kyaputenbut with the non answering one, I get: Error: init mode failed (unable to connect to the target)15:39
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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] mithro pushed 1 new commit to master:
tomu-citomu-samples/master 911da4c Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Adding info on libopencm316:24
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