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duncan^No description? Anything?00:11
duncan^We might be less inclined to open the link...00:11
futarisIRCcloudduncan^: Electronics Let's Play - Tomu An ARM board which fits inside your USB connector - LiveStream00:17
duncan^Ah cool! Thanks for sharing!00:17
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motwokdid someone already developed snake on tomu? :D:D:D00:34
mithromotwok: Nope?00:44
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motwokjust a joke!00:54
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] kitling opened pull request #26: Add kicad files to release directories (master...kicad_release)
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esdenwhee! that was a fun stream! now I need to check why my setup's USB is so broken :D03:02
esdenmotwok: I want snake on TOMU!!!03:03
esdenThe archive of the first ~2hours of today's Tomu stream are up. The rest is still processing.
esdensomehow the internet connection crapped out and caused a stream splittage :D03:05
esdenand the remaining part of the stream archive is now live too!
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michftI get "state(10) = dfuERROR, status(8) = Cannot program memory due to received address that is out of range" when trying to upload the u2f frimware from First time trying to flash tomu, have version 0.3 and is blinking the bootloader leds.03:33
michftHave googled found nothing useful.03:34
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xobsmichft: What command are you giving it?  It should just be "dfu-util -D [program.bin]"04:00
michftsudo dfu-util -D build/u2f.bin04:06
xobsThat should do it, yeah.  Try restarting Tomu?  Unplug it and plug it in again?04:36
michftHad a clean compile (no warnings) have tried both usb hub (usb2) and plain (usb3).04:44
michftdfu-util 0.9  Copyright 2005-2009 Weston Schmidt, Harald Welte and OpenMoko Inc. Copyright 2010-2016 Tormod Volden and Stefan Schmidt This program is Free Software and has ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY Please report bugs to  dfu-util: Invalid DFU suffix signature dfu-util: A valid DFU suffix will be required in a future dfu-util release!!! Opening DFU capable USB device... ID 1209:70b1 Run-time device04:44
michftClaiming USB DFU Interface... Setting Alternate Setting #0 ... Determining device status: state = dfuIDLE, status = 0 dfuIDLE, continuing DFU mode device DFU version 0101 Device returned transfer size 1024 Copying data from PC to DFU device Download[                         ]   0%            0 bytes failed! state(10) = dfuERROR, status(8) = Cannot program memory due to received address that is out of range04:46
SergeiGmichft, looks like you need to upgrade bootloader first05:10
SergeiGmichft, simply pulling latest toboot, flashing it with dfu-util and then flashing u2f.bin works for me05:16
michftwill try05:17
esdenThe issue of Tomu programming solved:
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esdenBut I am very happy to report that flashing the bootloader worked super easy using Black Magic Probe... totally out of the box and without configuration! :D06:56
esdenand yes I needed to set 'mon tpwr enable' to provide power to the target ... obviously :D I do not have your newest board xobs so I have put together the v0.2 instead. As I had an unpopulated board of that version from mithro... :D06:59
esdenI might actually order the v0.4 from oshpark in 0.8mm thickness and put that together for laughs and giggles :D06:59
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xobsesden: I'm curious how it'll turn out.  The case is 0.6mm, and I'd like to make it even thinner.  But plastics.07:47
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xobsI haven't tagged v0.4 yet because I haven't made it yet.  Still, it's considered "RC" status, in that, barring any terrible catastrophies, that's what we'll go with.08:58
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] xobs pushed 1 new commit to master:
tomu-citomu-hardware/master 39df12e Sean Cross: case: run short case through MeshFix...09:15
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kyaputenesden yes BPM works like a charm (well until you brick your tomu)15:53
kyaputenbtw, mithro, are you still interrested in the CDC gcc port? I fear I will brick more units trying to make it work :(15:53
mithrokyaputen: Now we have xobs' dfu upgrade utility, I'm much less interested in the other bootloader -- I would still /love/ it to work from another example point of view but I guess you could just do examples instead17:15
mithrokyaputen: I would be very surprised if you actually "bricked" a Tomu -- how are you determine it was bricked?17:16
kyaputenI can't address it over swdp17:23
kyaputenI tried to put Reset to ground, plug it in while reset etc.17:23
kyaputennothing works17:23
kyaputenI'm also surprised bc I think it should be recoverable from the docs17:24
kyaputenbut somehow I'm not able to do it :(17:24
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florianHi, I ordered a couple of tomus on crowd supply because I would like to switch an existing project using similar hardware to tomu. I ordered a couple of weeks ago, but shipping will still take some time. Does anyone have a good suggestion for a similar board I could use for development until then?18:07
florianOr is the QEmu emulation a good alternative?18:12
mithroflorian: The QEMU emulation is pretty basic -- its not really enough to do anything useful18:15
mithroflorian: if you contribute to the project in some way I'm happy to send you some of the v0.3 boards from my stash18:15
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florianmithro: Sorry for the late reply. I'll have a look. Any pointers? I'm working with rust/cortex-m-rtfm, I would be happy to contribute samples and any other bits that emerge there.19:18
mithroflorian: rtfm?19:20
mithroI know xobs is a pretty big fan of rust it seems19:20
tpbTitle: GitHub - japaric/cortex-m-rtfm: Real Time For the Masses (RTFM) framework for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers (at
tpbTitle: AltOS-Rust · GitHub (at
mithroRTFM means something else normally :-P19:23
mithroflorian: Were in the world are you?19:24
florianyeah, the name is a bit unfortunate... ...but the ideas are quite cool. I'm in Denmark.19:26
mithroflorian: you could also build your own like esden did recently19:35
florianYes I might manage. I've built a fs-bb48 (similar board, successfully, but only with a lot of help from the hardware guys at the institute I worked at at the time. That's why I was thinking of buying a dev board and porting to tomu once I receive mine.19:42
tpbTitle: Flying Stone Bare Bone 48 (at
esdenflorian: yeah assembling the board by hand was really easy, these are really very few parts :D20:21
esdenshould look up the timestamp of the moment where I reflow the board with my hot air rework station...20:22
esdenmithro: ohh I see xobs is not around at the moment ... I should probably dig into it myself and see if I can get the blinky examples working again somehow...20:23
esdenjust so others know, I have flashed the blinky example onto a v0.2 board using the dfu bootloader. Now the board blinks furiously as if one of the buttons was continously pressed and I can't connect over SWD to the board any more to wipe it :(20:24
tpbTitle: tomu-bootloader/ at api-v2.0 · im-tomu/tomu-bootloader · GitHub (at
esdenmithro: thanks! :D20:31
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florianTurns out silicon labs sells a dev board (SLSTK3400A) with a EFM32HG322F64. Somehow I missed that earlier. That should be similar enough for now.21:21
duncan^happy gecko!21:21
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