Friday, 2018-02-02

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xobsmithro: jsthumb was a project started on the flight home from LCA.  It currently understands about five instructions.  But hey!  Now I know a bit more about Thumb2's encoding.00:52
skyce3Most people just read books...01:18
mithroesden: GDB 8.1 seems to be starting down the register definitions in XML path it seems?02:10
mithro* GDB now supports dynamically creating arbitrary register groups specified in XML target descriptions.  This allows for finer grain grouping of  registers on systems with a large amount of registers.02:10
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tomu-ci[] xobs pushed 2 new commits to master: 5253f47 David Vo: Link to tomu-bootloader repo02:17 b9abd54 Sean Cross: Merge pull request #6 from auscompgeek/patch-1...02:17
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xobsMorning, all!  I'm putting together an RFC for the release Toboot API.06:14
xobsHere's the plan:
tpbTitle: tomu-bootloader/ at api-v2.0 · im-tomu/tomu-bootloader · GitHub (at
xobsI'll start implementing it next week, unless anyone has objections.06:48
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