Tuesday, 2018-01-30

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HamsterHey, I've had two different Windows 10 Laptops where the Tomu has shown up as "ComNav GNSS Receiver" and failed to register as a COM port. If it isn't covered elsewhere do you want me to send through a how-to on how to fix it?02:08
auscompgeekah yes I too love my USB serial devices showing up as GPS/GLONASS devices02:14
auscompgeekI would think many people would appreciate a how-to for that scenario02:14
mijofaI had to uninstall modemmanager on my debian system. Not like I ever intend to plug an actual modem in so wasn't a big deal02:16
duncan^is that part of networkmanager?02:17
mijofaI suspect so, but I networkmanager still worked fine after removing modemmanager02:17
auscompgeeknetworkmanager integrates with modemmanager. not necessarily part of it.02:19
HamsterWhere is the best place to assemble it? Email it to mithro? somewhere else?02:20
Hamstersorry for slow replies - sneaking in some time while at work :-)02:21
auscompgeeksend a PR to a relevant repo?02:21
auscompgeeklet's not chew up mithro's valuable time :)02:22
duncan^AFAIU it is a known issue02:24
duncan^Might be worth describing it on a Github issue02:24
duncan^buZz: #tor02:24
* duncan^ has keyboard hell02:25
HamsterOK - will log an issue in one of the repos sometime soon. Will include text instructions for fix.02:26
HamsterJust a little odd that very well constructed Google-fu found nothing (for any hardare). Thought I had fried the TOMU. However, they all worked on my Linux box (funny that 8-) )02:27
auscompgeekif it shows up as a device, there's no way said device would've been fried :P02:28
duncan^I'm sorry buZz.02:32
buZzall is well02:32
Hamster<joking> I should introduce you to my pile of broken USB things friends ask me to fix.... zero byte USB drives, things with lifted pads, cracked PCBs... Those people shouldn't be allowed nice things02:33
duncan^well old USB drives tend to go like that after a while02:36
mijofaFriends and family tend to just give me their broken USB things, never care for me to fix them but assume since I have a pile of things I'll probably want to do something with it02:40
HamsterThanks all - catch you all soon. (Hope your keyboard gets better Duncan!)02:50
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mithroBah, missed hamster!03:03
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kyaputenso I tried to debug the bootloader produced by the gcc port, I'm a little puzlled22:21
kyaputenwhen I step, everything seems to work, but as soon as I run normally, I have pc & lr jumping to a seemingly random location (at some point)22:22
kyaputenso I'm guessing a timing problem, but I'm having a hard time pinpointing where, since every time I step, the problem goes away :)22:22

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