Monday, 2018-01-29

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xobsPerhaps I should add a flag to determine whether to load the bootloader...03:00
xobsRather, add a flag to determine whether to leave interrupts on or not.03:00
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xobsHuh.  I didn't realize one method of debugging was to solder 0.1" headers directly to the top of the PCB.07:38
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kyaputenI guess pogopins is better but I don't have any right now10:08
xobsIt's great if you've got a test jig handy.10:08
xobsI wonder if "test jig" would be an interesting backer reward tier...10:08
kyaputenAs a backer myself, I guess so10:11
kyaputenI see two types of large > 10 backers. The ones that want many tomus to put secrets/firmware&distribute10:11
kyaputenAnd the ones who want to hack on it and know they will brick/destroy some of them10:12
kyaputenI consider myself halfway lol10:12
xobsI updated the board so most testpoints are on one side only, but D+ and D- are still on the opposite side, meaning it still needs a fancy two-sided jig.10:13
kyaputenD+ D- as in USB port ?10:16
kyaputenI don't see how you can move them10:16
xobsI tried to fit test points on the top, but couldn't open enough copper and still keep a nice ground trace.10:18
kyaputenAh, I see10:19
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kyaputenLike, to intercept trace USB output10:19
xobsYeah.  Or, if it's in a test jig, to connect USB output.10:20
kyaputenYes I see. But to connect USB output you can just use the USB connector right ?10:20
xobsIt's a bit hard to do that when it lives inside the port itself.  A riser could help.10:31
kyaputenI agree. For this v0.3 board, I think I'll end up soldering all 3 sides (the USB side with a sacrificial USB cable)10:43
kyaputenI would like to have the serial working, but for now no such thing :(10:44
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