Sunday, 2018-01-28

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xobskyaputen: It sounds like interrupts aren't enabled.  The blink is handled by an interrupt, and if they're disabled then that could be an issue.01:08
xobsTry resetting after you've loaded the binary.  Under openocd, the gdb command is "mon reset", so see if that works with the black magic probe.01:09
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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] caxica opened pull request #27: Documentation fix for fedora (master...fedora-doc-fix)
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tomu-ci[] pavelow53 opened pull request #5: seral -> serial (master...patch-1)
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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] xobs pushed 2 new commits to master:
tomu-citomu-samples/master 12eaf93 Serge de Souza: Documentation fix for fedora...06:53
tomu-citomu-samples/master c0571c3 Sean Cross: Merge pull request #27 from caxica/fedora-doc-fix...06:53
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tomu-ci[] xobs pushed 2 new commits to master: 89a877d Daniel McCarthy: seral -> serial06:54 061158b Sean Cross: Merge pull request #5 from pavelow53/patch-1...06:54
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SergeiGxobs: please add to travis, I have no sufficient privileges for that10:59
tpbTitle: GitHub - im-tomu/chopstx: U2F firmware for Tomu board (+ chopstx port) (at
xobsSergeiG: It's been activated.11:05
kyaputenhmmm if I reset with "run" or "start", I get a permanent loop at 0x00002a4e:b.n0x2a4e11:46
kyaputenI don't neet to have USB connected on top of debug port for it to work ?11:46
kyaputenMaybe I'm stuck with the CDC bootloader ?11:49
kyaputenI mean, if nothing is connected, maybe it doesn't go through the uploaded program11:50
auscompgeek"state(10) = dfuERROR, status(8) = Cannot program memory due to received address that is out of range" hm. that's new.12:01
auscompgeekI guess I need to update the bootloader? (this is trying to flash a newer u2f)12:04
SergeiGauscompgeek: please try newer bootloader. This patch should fix the issue12:20
tpbTitle: Merge pull request #20 from im-tomu/lockout-fix · im-tomu/[email protected] · GitHub (at
auscompgeekcool. guess I'll have to borrow a rpi at some point.12:22
kyaputenauscompgeek : if you have a bluepill like this you might not need a rpi12:57
tpbTitle: Blue Pill - STM32duino wiki (at
kyaputenbut it's easier with a rpi12:59
kyaputenxobs: seems like you said, interrupts weren't enabled by the default bootloader on it. I write the program directly at 0x00000000 and its works perfectly.13:09
xobsI leave interrupts enabled by default because that's what the Silabs one does.13:11
kyaputenoh? then that's strange... anyway I overwrote the default bootloader of course :)13:27
kyaputenI'll try debug my GCC port and load a user blink app13:28
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] xobs pushed 2 new commits to master:
tomu-citomu-hardware/master cddf014 Sean Cross: case: add shortened version of the case...14:42
tomu-citomu-hardware/master f662a57 Sean Cross: Merge branch 'master' of
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