Saturday, 2018-01-27

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kyaputenhey xobs, mithro. I successfully plugged the Black Magic Probe into a tomu (soldered the debug pins). It works quite well, I can attach, load an elf16:20
kyaputenI'm running blinky.elf and the LED are coming on, but it never blinks16:20
kyaputenBy debugging I am stuck inside SpinDelay and the uptime_millis is never updated16:22
kyaputenHowever the function SysTick_Config must work, since I'm later in the code...16:22
kyaputenIs there any interaction between debugging and the timer used for blink ?16:22
kyaputenAlso, can't get any output from the hello program. I connected to the 'T' and 'R' pads but nothing comes out (tried with different USB<->Serial adapters at 115200 bps)17:47
kyaputenRegarding blinky, if I remove while (uptime_millis < sleep_until); (replaced with  "long" for) and CAPSENSE_Sense(); it works (so LED GPIO is working properly)17:56
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kyaputenI can also #define DEBUG_BREAK()           __asm__("BKPT #0"); anywhere, it works20:17
kyaputenBut the SysTick_Handler is never called, I'm really puzzled20:17
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