Thursday, 2018-01-25

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DocJoshhow does one connect to a tomu? I can't see any obvious /dev/ttyUSBsomething after plugging in02:02
mijofaDoes it have the original or DFU bootloader on it?  The original appears at ttyACM? whereas the DFU bootloader only appears when shorting out the right pins I believe02:05
DocJoshI used the machine at lca, so I assume it has been updated?02:06
DocJoshthere's no ttyACM*02:07
DocJoshno such thing02:08
mijofaIf you used the machine then it's got the DFU bootloader. I've not yet played around with that, but it requires "dfu-util" and doesn't appear as a TTYttyACM device02:09
DocJoshthanks - this is the first I've heard of dfu-util02:11
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tomu-ci[] mithro pushed 1 new commit to master: 193208b Tim 'mithro' Ansell: Remove stupid max-width on website.02:53
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auscompgeekthe website really should be updated to mention the DFU bootloader is a thing now03:08
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] kennethlimcp opened pull request #24: typo: hobbists (master...patch-1)
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kyaputenoh - my - god14:01
kyaputenjust received them, thanks mithro!!!14:01
kyaputenthey are so cute <314:01
kyaputenI am in love14:01
notthetupooo.. can't wait for mine!!15:53
kyaputenso. I did some test, it seems it is possible to interface the tomu with a Black Magic Probe. I could at least enumerate it and connect to it16:15
tpbTitle: (gdb) mon swdp_scan Target voltage: Not Detected Available Targets: No. Att D - (at
kyaputenI'm a bit surprised pc is at 0x2a4e16:17
kyaputenBase addr is 0 ?16:17
kyaputenI thought that is was 0x2000000016:19
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mithrokyaputen: are you going to mention the lack of stamps too? :-P21:52
kyaputenmithro: nah :D21:54
kyaputenthank you again. BTW i'm putting cute hello kitty type chains on it to have easy handling21:55
kyaputenthe hole is good enough for most of them but some strings are too large for the small hole21:55
kyaputeni'm off to bed, tomorrow i'll do more tests21:56
kyaputenalso, tell me if you're interested in a small howto for the black magic probe. I guess now we have dfu it's less useful, expect for people doing bootloader stuff21:57
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lestercGreetings! Noob question - how do I put the tomu into dfu mode? :)23:20
lestercGot mine from LCA 2018 and upgraded the bootloader.23:20
_anomaly_the instructions i received were to short both buttons when inserting it23:21
_anomaly_(not the uart pads btw, the buttons along the edge that are exposed when it's in a usb port)23:22
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lestercThanks _anomaly_ - it must be my fat fingers - I'll keep trying ;-)23:29
_anomaly_yeah someone else I know was having trouble triggering it, but they did get there in the end23:30
_anomaly_might be easier to use somehting metal that can cover both well like tweezers23:30
lesterchaha yeah that's what I'm thinking.23:31
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