Wednesday, 2018-01-24

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k-manok thanks00:00
k-manhmm, mine doesn't show up under /dev afaict. but it is detected when i plug it in. it flashes red and green00:03
mijofak-man: Tried "udevadm monitor"?00:05
k-mani think it needs to be programmed with dfu-util00:07
k-manaccording to the email sent to the lca list00:07
mijofaPerhaps, I don't understand dfu enough to know whether you'd get "something" before doing that00:08
k-manme either :)00:08
nullobjectIt shows up as /dev/tty.usbmodem1421 for me.00:09
k-mannullobject, is that after flashing with the new firmware?00:10
nullobjectno, old firmware. should i update first?00:10
mijofaHuh, the stamp-like thing the replaced the bootloader didn't replace the u2f firmware I put on it, that's surprising00:10
k-manunsure - the email imlies you can if you want00:10
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k-manit sounds as though the DFU firmware is very new00:12
mijofaAIUI, dfu itself is not, but for this device it is00:13
mijofaBut then again, the device itself is still in dev. ;)00:13
k-manok, mine shows up with sudo dfu-util -l00:13
k-manerr yeah, i meant the dfu firmware for the tomu is new00:14
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xobsYes, the red/green flashing means it's in DFU mode.00:15
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k-manwhen i try and build the samples, i get: main.c:18:22: fatal error: capsense.h: No such file or directory00:23
k-manoh, nm, helps when you read the instructions00:28
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k-manok, managed to flash it00:30
xobsk-man: To get back into the bootloader, short out the outer pins as you plug it in.  Tweezers can be handy.00:36
xobs(I'm open to suggestions for alternate methods to boot to DFU, if anyone has ideas.)00:36
k-manxobs, thanks! i was wondering that00:36
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mijofaxobs: Those outer pins are meant to work as capacitive touch sensors, can you just touch the while you plug it in to get the same effect?00:41
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xobsmijofa: It could work, but the issue I'd see is that you generally push the board into the slot from the edge, so it would always go into DFU mode when you plugged it in.00:43
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justinfuhrmieI tried this, but I don't think I'm conductive enough00:45
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spidieHi All, got a Tomu (v0.3) from Tim & Xobs at LCA - on linux, I was expecting to see a tty serial device, but instead I just get:09:40
spidie[ 2101.019204] usb 3-1: new full-speed USB device number 14 using xhci_hcd09:40
spidie[ 2106.426561] usb 3-1: new full-speed USB device number 15 using xhci_hcd09:40
spidie[ 2106.568232] usb 3-1: New USB device found, idVendor=1209, idProduct=70b109:40
spidie[ 2106.568236] usb 3-1: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=009:40
spidie[ 2106.568239] usb 3-1: Product: Tomu Bootloader09:40
spidie[ 2106.568240] usb 3-1: Manufacturer: xobs09:40
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spidieoops - I got banned for the paste - will try again on pastebin!09:57
spidie(haven't used IRC in so long!)09:57
spidiedo I have to do some udev rules or anything for tomu?09:59
SergeiGlooks like you board has DFU bootloader preinstalled10:00
SergeiGjust use dfu-util to flash it10:01
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spidiecool - thanks for that. Didn't think DFU was around yet. I think when I put it on xobs test jig at LCA it flashed it.10:03
spidieI  was probably not listening when he told me! doh10:04
benbarclayThere is supposed to be a red LED on the tomu right?10:04
spidieflashing red and green at moment.10:04
spidiepretty fast10:04
benbarclayI've uploaded the blinker program and I can only get the green light going :S10:04
spidieI'll try dfu-util now - thanks SergeiG10:06
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