Sunday, 2018-01-21

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CRImierHey guys! Just wondering, does Tomu have some kind of ESD protection on the buttons? If so, how good is it?00:08
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Stryker295Quick question: what is the coding process like for this? It seems they would mention arduino/etc compatibility if that existed but for now it seems more bare-bones?00:22
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xobsCRImier: No ESD protection beyond the built-in protections, which are rated for HBM but not ISO.06:23
xobsI wonder.  Would Arduino compatibility be interesting?06:27
mithroWhat would arduino compatibility even mean in this context?06:51
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xobsBeing able to build code using the Arduino IDE.  Being able to communicate with the board with Serial.println(), having USB support. allow rebooting into DFU mode...07:19
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nbagsjust plugged in my tomu from LCA schwagbag, can get connect to the serial console using screen (/dev/ttyACM0) but its not responding at all. have i missed something?10:32
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xobsnbags: What if you hit "i"?10:42
xobsAlso, has ModemManager taken it over by any chance?10:42
nbagsyeah hitting i did nothing10:42
nbagspossibly modemmanager has taken over? hmm....10:42
nbagsok after stopping modem manager now i get a whole bunch of '?' with a lot of whitespace between them10:46
nbagsdo i need to set baud or anything?10:46
nbagsoh its working in minicom now, just not in screen10:48
nbagsonce i flash this thing do i still have access to the bootloader to re-flash it?10:53
xobsI'm working on an email describing that.  Basically, I just got a DFU bootloader working yesterday, and I'm fixing some bugs I found today.10:54
xobsOnce you flash it normally (using the "u" key), you can always boot into the loaded program.10:55
xobsSo long as you don't issue the "d" command to destructively overwrite the bootloader, it will always be there.10:55
nbagsxobs: but how do you get into the bootloader once you have it booting into the loaded program?10:56
nbagsor should i wait for your email ...10:57
xobsnbags: It will always go into the default bootloader.  So to get back into it, just reboot.10:57
nbagsxobs: ah ok. so it doesnt boot the loaded program automatically on powerup?10:58
nbagsxobs: thanks. what tool should i use to upload the program. minicom? i haven't done think kinda stuff in years11:03
xobsminicom should be able to do it.11:08
CRImierBTW, you do know that latest versions of ModemManager don have aggressive probing anymore, right?11:10
xobsOh?  I wasn't aware of that!  That's good information.  What does it do instead?11:10
kyaputenArduino would quite a bit of work... I'm not sure of the benefit since the IO pins wouldn't be accessible in normal use11:13
CRImierThey implemented filter policies recently:
tpbTitle: Filter policies: ModemManager Reference Manual (at
CRImierSo, in MM 1.8 or later, you can set an option to avoid probing TTYs that don't look like a modem11:25
CRImier(TBH, I think it should've been the default all along)11:26
CRImierMM devs seem to be hanging on the old behaviour, making it the default, but distributions will likely set the filter policies to "Strict" or something similar.11:27
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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] xobs pushed 1 new commit to master:
tomu-citomu-samples/master 92e5c0f Sean Cross: main: implement watchdog timer...11:49
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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] xobs pushed 1 new commit to master:
tomu-citomu-samples/master 2c2f21a Sean Cross: efm32hg-blinky-usb: disable watchdog...11:50
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