Monday, 2018-01-15

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kyaputenI found where is the latest SDK:
kyaputenI changed the Makefile per mithro suggestion. It will fetch and unzip the file with 'make deps'16:35
kyaputenany remarks welcome, I'm not very good at Makefiles16:35
kyaputenmithro: sent you an email regarding postal address16:36
esdenmithro: I will send you an email in a sec ... Missed your message from yesterday. :)17:13
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esdenmithro: you got mail :D17:38
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motwoki am searching currently for a asymetric Algo that can be used for OTP... AES like Yubi is using sounds like anyon an idea?20:52
motwok-> the Crypted Data must be as short as possible w/o loosing the security20:53
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kyaputenmotwok: asymmetric or symmetric ? AES is symmetric21:31
motwokkyaputen: yubi uses AES -> Symetric ... i like to have an asymetric Algo...21:42
motwokWhy... nothing get realy lost when the server i compromized... with AES,,, nightmare21:44
motwokAnd where is the prove that the OTP is generated by the token and not by someone who have Access to the keystore?21:45
motwokkyaputen: this brings me to the next Problem... Randomness and Key generation on tomu hardware21:49

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