Sunday, 2018-01-14

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mithrokyaputen: Your slurge?02:23
mithrokyaputen: Can you send me a postal address? [email protected] -- I'll get your some Tomu's in the post tomorrow02:24
mithro@kyaputen I thought there was a makefile which get you the SDK or something?
tpbTitle: tomu-samples/Makefile at master · im-tomu/tomu-samples · GitHub (at
mithroesden: Send me a postal address and I'll put some more Tomu's in the mail for you too02:26
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kyaputenmithro: thanks for the link, that's much better. I'll try to integrate it. And you have a very nice email :)10:33
kyaputen(and yes my nick on irc is different :) )10:40
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kyaputenI saw that Gecko SDK is not maintained anymore on github...
tpbTitle: Comparing v5.1.2...master · SiliconLabs/Gecko_SDK · GitHub (at
kyaputenyou have to use an installer :(23:06
motwoka "Windows" Installer?23:23
kyaputenNah, it's Windows Linux23:51
kyaputenso it's kind of ok, but still, sucks23:51

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