Friday, 2018-01-12

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tomu-ci[tomu-samples] xobs closed pull request #23: Makefile fixes (master...makefile-fixes)
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mithrokuldeep: Do you know esden?10:23
mithrokuldeep: Lol according to /whois I'm on every channel you are on except #libusb :-P10:23
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*** mithro changes topic to "I'm Tomu, An ARM microprocessor which fits *inside* your USB port - - Crowdfunding at - Code + Design at"10:25
kuldeepmithro, i know esden from libopencm3.11:26
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kyaputenmithro: i'm trying to recompile bootloader with iar trial, but there are some files missing from the repository. namely em_device.h13:42
kyaputenseems it's a silab file (like the other em_*), is there a place where I can download them ? Also the includes paths are wrong, but it's an easy fix13:43
kyaputenah I found so I think what I need the is the Happy Gecko SDK16:10
tpbTitle: EFM32 Happy Gecko Software Documentation: EFM32 Happy Gecko Software Documentation (at
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motwoksomeone here?21:05
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mithrokyaputen: You should talk to xobs -- he is rewriting the bootloader here ->
tpbTitle: GitHub - xobs/tomu-bootloader: Bootloader for the EFM32HG Tomu Board (at
kyaputenmithro: ok! i'll look into it tomorrow and ask xobs if necessary23:48
mithrokyaputen: Cool23:54

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