Thursday, 2018-01-11

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xobsTrue, but right now the primary language is C.01:28
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tomu-ci[tomu-hardware] mithro pushed 2 new commits to master:
tomu-citomu-hardware/master 5cfa88b Kaspar Emanuel: Make compatible with kitspace.org02:50
tomu-citomu-hardware/master 529d66d Tim Ansell: Merge pull request #23 from kitspace-forks/master...02:50
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buZzi'm still not sure what i can even do with tomu :P04:16
buZzis there any usecase?04:16
xobsThe most compelling usecase is as a U2F token for one-touch authentication.  Like a Yubikey.04:28
xobsBut I kind of want to use it as a Vol+ / Vol- dongle as a two-button keyboard :D04:28
buZzoh ok, but wouldnt a USB flashable U2F token only introduce more attack vectors?04:31
xobsIt could.  It requires physical interaction to flash, unless you get code execution in Chopstx.04:34
buZzi'll stick to my yubikey then :P04:41
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duncan^Seems somewhat naive to suggest Yubikey is better in terms of attack surface. I think it depends on the application.07:46
duncan^Also recall the ROCA escapade and the problem where one could trivially bypass the pin07:47
duncan^Maybe it depends if we can dump flash from Tomu with a programmer. I certainly hope not.07:48
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arwell, tomu doesn't have a proper SE, right?07:57
xobsTomu has an Arm Cortex M0+ in it, which I guess has the benefit of not being susceptible to Spectre / Meltdown.08:17
xobsKidding aside, no, Tomu doesn't have a proper SE.  Nor even any sort of memory protection.08:28
xobsYou can dump the flash over SWD.  You can disable SWD access by clearing address 0x0FE03FFC in flash.08:37
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duncan^I thought there is a read-protect bit or something09:37
duncan^on some variants of Cortex-M ...09:37
xobsI know the KL02 (also an M0+) has the ability to protect areas of memory when not in Supervisor mode.10:04
xobsThe EFM32HG doesn't have an equivalent.  Nor does it have a full-fledged MMU.10:04
kyaputenxobs: disabling swd is not enough ? Since flash is embedded it should work no? I mean even if you have physical access11:47
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kuldeepHello everyone12:39
kuldeepi saw the campaign on CS. You guys are playing with USB.12:41
kuldeepi actually maintain the unicore-mx USB host and device stack for ARM microcontroller (that i wrote :).  (this include EFM32 support -- afair EFM32HG have a DWC OTG device only)12:42
tpbTitle: GitHub - insane-adding-machines/unicore-mx: UniCore-MX | Universal Core for ARM Cortex-M0/0+/3/4/7/X (at
kuldeepunicore-mx is a fork of libopencm3 (both under lgpl3 licence and community maintained).12:45
kuldeepwe have pre written examples (only EFM32LG atm)
tpbTitle: GitHub - insane-adding-machines/unicore-mx-examples: Simple example projects showing how to use unicore-mx. (at
kuldeepah, esden is already here o/12:47
xobskuldeep: Cool!  That looks like a lot of nice code.13:27
xobsDo all projects have a flash offset of 0, or do some of the platforms have a different offset for a bootloader to live at the start?13:28
kuldeepxobs, on st the memory bootloader rom is mapped on POR at 0.13:31
kuldeep(if BOOT0 is asserted)13:32
kuldeepxobs, btw, there is bootloader (DFU) but you have to port it to EFM32HG. most of the code is generic, only some backend porting work need to be done.13:33
kuldeep*bootloader (DFU) example13:34
xobskuldeep: Sounds intriguing.  Where is it?13:37
kuldeepxobs,  (generic code -- little bit of stm32 code is still there) +  (backend target code)13:42
tpbTitle: unicore-mx-examples/usbdfu.c at master · insane-adding-machines/unicore-mx-examples · GitHub (at
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