Tuesday, 2018-01-09

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im-tomu[unknown] Hey folks, there's a typo in the latest commit for the tomu.im page: the flashing instructions under the "U2F / FIDO Firmware" section say to type b and then send the firmware to the device.. this should be "u", not "b"00:01
mithroxobs: ^02:31
mithroxobs: Poke?04:42
xobsim-tomu: Thanks for the report.  I'll fix it!06:14
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tomu-ci[im-tomu.github.io] xobs pushed 1 new commit to master: https://git.io/vNt2j06:15
tomu-ciim-tomu.github.io/master 7a9b036 Sean Cross: index: correct typo in U2F rules...06:15
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xobsFancy CI stuff.06:15
xobsThe Tomu campaign on Crowd Supply is now live! https://www.crowdsupply.com/sutajio-kosagi/tomu/16:10
tpbTitle: Tomu | Crowd Supply (at www.crowdsupply.com)16:10
federico3oh, congrats16:25
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kushalwoo hoo17:45
kushalxobs, I guess it is too late to ping you here :)17:45
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kyaputenhey all, discovered tomu today, seems awesome!  I would like to hack on it (esp. the USB stack part).18:10
kyaputenIs there any way to buy a prebuilt one before the crowsupply is finished ?18:10
kyaputenI fear my soldering skills are not good enough to build one myself18:13
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federico3whaaat, $30 each?20:16
duncan^federico3: No, it's $8 each20:25
duncan^think: economies of scale20:25
duncan^1000 for 8000 USD, or 1 for 30 USD.20:25
kyaputenyes, chip is around ~2.5US$ + board + manufacturing and shipping should be around 8$20:29
federico3duncan^: I can see that. $30 for one20:50
tpbTitle: Tomu | Crowd Supply (at www.crowdsupply.com)21:14
mithrokyaputen: If you contribute I'll send you one for free21:15
mithrokyaputen: Where in the world are you?21:15
kyaputen(or Europe)21:20
mithroBe back in 30 minutes21:23
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kyaputenmithro: I've to run away for today, I can pay for at least shipping no problem22:15
mithrokyaputen: Send a pull request with something and then send me a shipping address and I'll send you one22:16
kyaputenok that's fair :)22:17
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