Wednesday, 2017-04-12

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mithrobibor: The + design hasn't been proven02:26
mithrobibor: And the software for doing 2 factor auth doesn't yet exist02:27
mithrobibor: But the actual base Tomu board works pretty well02:27
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bibormithro: does hasn't been proven mean nobody bootet the chip yet or nobody wrote the 2 factor software yet?10:43
mithrobibor: For the Tomu+ with the NXP part, nobody has gotten blinking leds working yet10:43
mithrobibor: For the base Tomu, we have working blinking leds demo with USB10:44
bibormithro: ah, cool, thx, then i will order parts for both10:46
bibormithro: wants the problem with the nxp at the moment? usb?10:47
mithrobibor: The Tomu and Tomu+ also have different PCBs10:47
mithrobibor: The fact I only have two working boards and haven't had any time to investigate why it didn't just work out when soldered10:48
bibormithro: i know :) but thats not the problem i've got access to a pcb mill, which has no problem with qfn packages10:49
mithrobibor: Ahh cool10:49
mithrobibor: As far as I can tell the PCB is fine10:49
mithrobibor: And I had openocd connected to the 2-wire debug and it seem to indicate the ARM was executing the included bootloader10:50
bibormithro: but no other code worked?10:51
mithrobibor: It didn't appear on the USB bus when I plugged it in10:51
mithrobibor: and didn't have time to do investigate any more10:51
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bibormithro: ok, next week all parts should be here, and i should have some time to play with it. i'll report my results10:54
mithrobibor: I'm thinking of maybe doing a Tomu design with this ->
tpbTitle: STM32L442KC - Ultra-low-power with FPU ARM Cortex-M4 MCU 80 MHz with 256 Kbytes Flash, USB, AES-256, DFSDM - STMicroelectronics (at
bibormithro: looks good, and stm32 devices in general have excellent toolchains11:00
bibori don't really know at the moment how much performance is really needed11:01
bibordifficult to estimate11:01
bibora riscV design would be cool, if hw availability would be better. i've got some chips laying around maybe i'm designing a riscV tomu for the lulz11:07
mithrobibor: I don't know of any riscv with crystaless USB11:14
bibormithro: me too, but maybe you can do it with an RC-curcuit11:20
mithroTo do USB2.0 you need a PLL11:21
bibor(and some filters for stabilizing)11:21
biborthe problem with discrete plls on such a tiny board is coupling, but i'm not that experienced that i could actually estimate if it would work11:29
biborbut nevermind. first with reliable hw :)11:29
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