Wednesday, 2017-03-29

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notthetupwhoops.. my bouncer playback buffer was too short, i missed the beginning of that.01:24
edunhamnotthetup: here have some scrollback
tpbTitle: #47896 OSL Pastebin (at
edunham(that's everything from the last time you talked till you commented on the bouncer problem)01:25
notthetupok.. so I didn't miss anything :p01:25
edunhamyeah i think the 'and' was a 'send01:26
notthetupi thought mithro had said something before 'and an' :P01:26
notthetupI saw the openocd method. I'll try that later. I have a STLink2, let me see if that can work.01:26
mithros/and an email/send an email/01:26
mithronotthetup: STLink2 also works01:26
notthetupI'm basically trying to make a power draw logger.01:27
notthetupsomething that can measure and draw voltage and current (DC) using the INA26001:27
notthetupI saw TOMU and thought that EFM32HG would be a nice uC to get the data from I2C to USB01:27
notthetupI need to improve on the documentation, but currently too excited to get the EFM32 to work01:28
notthetupI also have a suspicion that I might have damaged the pins by connecting the Bootloader UART TX,RX pins without any power.01:35
dwg[m]So, I did have time to reflash the bootloader yet01:44
dwg[m]do I need to worry about serial voltages for that?01:44
dwg[m]i.e. can I use a random usb<->rs232 adapter, or will that fry the tomu and I need to find a ttl-voltage serial doodad01:44
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notthetupI believe it has to be a 3.3V output level on the converter02:13
dwg[m]notthetup: ta.  I suspected so.02:13
notthetupThe IO pins don't seem to be 5V tolerant :(02:13
dwg[m]hence the suggestion of using a raspi02:14
dwg[m]heh, let alone 25V rs232 standard02:14
notthetupwasn't it +-15V?02:16
dwg[m]uh, maybe02:16
dwg[m]I don't really know02:16
dwg[m]much too much, in any case02:16
notthetupI actually have a device which needs that.. The USB converter for that is hard to come by :P02:16
notthetupand expensive :(02:17
dwg[m]oh.. I assumed usb converters used the old-school standard voltage02:17
notthetupMost of the ones I see these days are 5V or 3.3V02:18
dwg[m]well, according to wikipedia the original standard allowed anything between +3..15V and -3..-15V, then was extended in a revision to 3..2502:19
notthetupoh wow ok02:20
notthetupThe one I have does 3.3V on the TX,RX lines but has a 5V power signal as well02:26
dwg[m]sounds like borrowing a raspi is probably the easiest/safest option to flash the tomu04:47
dwg[m]my own raspi being in a different state from me and the tomu...04:47
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