Tuesday, 2017-03-28

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notthetupHello folks! I designed a board based on tomu for another project. Firstly, thanks for the great documentation by mithro! Now the qn, does the EFM32GH require the HFXO for USB CDC? If so how does the USB Bootloader work?15:48
notthetupAlso is there any way to figure out if a EFM32 IC I have has the new "EFM32HG" Bootloader or not. I've been trying to get my board up and I can't seem to get to the Bootloader over USB or UART :(15:50
notthetupAhh! I misread a bunch of stuff. I understand it more now.16:02
tpbTitle: Solved: Does the USB bootloader require a HFXO? - Silicon Labs Community (at community.silabs.com)16:02
notthetupThe old Bootloader is setup to assume HFXO being present, which is why the USB Bootloader wouldn't work with designs without HFXO.16:03
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mithronotthetup: and an email to the list and I will answer more fully21:40
mithronotthetup: we use a version of the boot loader which has the fix in that patch, plus another fix to make it always go into boot loader mode.21:42
mithroYou can load it using an RPi or serial UART21:42
mithroThe serial UART mode isn't the most reliable21:43
mithroBtw I'm currently on the move, so may disappear at any time. Well be around more in ~2 hours21:50
mithronotthetup: I would love to hear more about your project to.21:50
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