Monday, 2017-01-23

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pwarrenwell, had a crack at the tomu-bootloader stuff on
pwarrenopenocd does display differently if it's connected correctly, and appears to do _something_, can someone post the full output of what it's supposed to do?12:02
pwarrenI flashed it, but still no worky on USB in my macbook hardware running linux.12:04
pwarrennothing appears in dmesg that is.12:04
cypharit should tell you that "flash succeeded" or something like it12:18
cypharI only just managed to get my own rPI working12:18
cypharbut for some reason my superglued wires aren't working (unsurprisingly)12:18
cypharalright my flasher now works12:32
cypharthe output should look like12:32
NTUI had a got at a 3D printed mounting sled, I don't think it's going to work.15:23
NTUIt needs to be nearly as thin as the metal on a typical USB-A plug15:24
NTUCould file down the sides of the version +0.2 PCB, though15:25
NTU(Had a go, that is)15:30
cypharNTU: the sled tim gave you is a bit too thick15:33
cypharyou just need to shave it slightly15:33
cypharbecause it was designed after the prototype PCB thickness, which is thinner than the version you got at LCA15:34
cypharultimately just use some paper to jam it in if you're just testing15:34
NTUYeah, I expect so. If there was a 3D model in , I didn't see it, but I was just trying to make one with Blender and Cura on a
tpbTitle: Im Tomu · GitHub (at
NTUThinnest walls it can do is about 0.8mm (two thicknesses of 0.4mm), so yeah, a flat shim is probably simpler.15:41
cypharthe problem with a flat shim is that it covers the LEDs15:49
cypharthe reason the sled has a gap is so that you can add epoxy to stick the sled to the side of the board with the chips -- sealing away the solder pads forever15:49
NTUDoes that mean I have missed seeing an existing sled model? I was just going from the image in the slides15:56
cypharoh, right. I have one with me and tim had a bag of them15:56
cypharthey look like thin rectangular prism which is hollow and has had two sides removed15:57
cypharso there's a gap at the back and top15:57
cyphargithub has a 3d view of
tpbTitle: tomu-hardware/tomu_case.stl at master · im-tomu/tomu-hardware · GitHub (at
NTUAh. Sensible enough spot, just didn't spot it with (maybe that's a content search?) or browsing.16:01
tpbTitle: Im Tomu · GitHub (at
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